Markets of Madrid

Delightful retail

Madrid is for discerning shoppers. Within the refined enclave of Salamanca, the city unveils an array of prestigious brands and authentically crafted high-fashion treasures. Some of the most enticing streets to go shopping are Serrano, Ortega y Gasset, Jorge Juan and its inviting alleyway, Lagasca and Claudio Coello. On the other side of the shopping spectrum, in the eclectic tapestry of Rastro, an open-air flea market nestled in the heart of the La Latina district, are vibrant stalls revealing a treasure trove of antiques, fashion gems, and truly unexpected finds.

Shoppers may start at Calle Preciados the bustling city centre, leading into the equally lively Plaza Callao, which is also next to the Gran Vía, the most famous street in Madrid, all the large chains compete to have a shop window here.

Aside from the central area, are specialist hot spots like Calle Pelayo with its beauty salons, the San Ildefonso gourmet food market, Barco and Valverde streets with their unique take on vintage clothing. In the neighbourhood of Las Salesas, prestigious young designer sell their creation in streets such as Calle Barquillo, Argensola, Orellana and Fernando VI.

Madrid’s dual identity – a realm where luxury and the enchantment of the unexpected converge, is the destination for shoppers.