Food is at the heart of events: DWTC


TTN learns how Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) views the role of F&B in enhancing the MICE experience for its many attendees, including a focus on sustainability and health and wellness.

We speak to Chef Georg Hessler, Culinary Director of Operations at Dubai World Trade Centre, for further insight.

“The Hospitality by DWTC food and beverage offering is an integral element of the holistic Dubai World Trade Centre MICE visitor and delegate experience.

“At the most basic level, we have a responsibility to provide food and beverage options for event visitors and attendees. Where we work to differentiate our F&B offering is by ensuring that we are able to deliver on the quality and reputational positioning that characterises the overarching DWTC experience.

“In practical terms, this translates to ensuring that we cater to each and every individual who walks through our doors, whether it is from a dietary, cultural or an experiential perspective. From grab-and-go options to bespoke menus, we believe in tailored experiences to suit each diner demographic.”

With sustainability being a global concern, DWTC taken several initiatives in the F&B sector to promote eco-friendly practices.

“Aligned with DWTC’s commitment to sustainability and in accordance with the long-term objectives of Dubai and the UAE Government, we collaborate with local farms, producers, and suppliers that have received approval from the Municipality to prioritise local sourcing whenever feasible. This is part of our commitment to reduce reliance on international ingredients, eliminate wastage and support the local economy.

“We also support the local community in which we operate by working with Emirates Red Crescent and the UAE Food Bank to redistribute surplus food.

“Across our operation we have embraced a comprehensive ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ approach that encompasses waste management, biodegradable materials, food composting, and the use of eco-friendly biofuels in our vehicle fleet.

“To engage our clients and encourage broader stakeholder action, our Green Menu package features reusable and recyclable options, and is offered to all clients as part of our environmental stewardship strategy.”

With wellness gaining momentum across segments and as people prioritise their health, DWTC has successfully incorporated these themes into its F&B strategies for events, Hessler tells us.

“Dubai World Trade Centre has made significant strides in embracing health and wellness within its F&B strategy for events. We have taken a comprehensive approach to addressing the nutritional needs and preferences of our guests.

“For example, clear labelling of calorific content and macros is standard across all our menus. This enables guests to make informed choices about their dietary intake. We also work with an assigned nutritionist who meticulously calculates the nutritional value of each menu item to ensure this is accessible and transparent.

“At our retail outlet, Trader’s House, we have implemented the ‘Trader’s Cares’ initiative. A QR code with all macro-nutrient information is provided for customer convenience. This makes it easier for diners to identify diet-friendly and low-calorie meal options, including those suitable for keto, vegan, and vegetarian diets.

“In line with global health advisories, our nutritionist has worked on reducing the fat content in all DWTC dishes. For example, our popular butter chicken signature dish is now a delicious butter-less chicken curry. 

“In addition to a fat reduction commitment, we offer reduced sugar menus and a range of sugar-free desserts. This initiative extends beyond our banquet menus to include our retail outlets. Guests also have the option to use a keto-friendly and sugar-free monk fruit alternative in hot beverages.

“To ensure our clients are kept informed of our health and wellness initiatives and offerings, we have e-posters and QR codes available in all our retail outlets. These provide easily accessible information about nutritional content.”

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