IHG focuses on brand provenance

Over the past five years, IHG has reported on the trends shaping the future of brands and business, delivering key insights and actions that bridge the gap between organisations, consumers and sustainable growth. The 6th edition of IHG’s annual trends report, focuses on ensuring brand longevity and success in today’s consumer environment, through the increasingly important role of provenance.

James Britchford, vice-president sales and marketing India, Middle East & Africa, IHG, tells TTN, “In a dynamic and uncertain world, people are leaning towards the familiar, brands they know have maintained their core values, preserved their reputations and will provide expertise, authenticity and uphold their trust.

“We see this global trend applying to the Middle East, as well. Whether a corporate or single product brand, or even corporate portfolio of brands, a potential customer will ask themselves why they should trust in the promises brands and companies are making them. A brand's provenance is a persuasive, trusted way to maintain and gain competitive advantage and a strong heritage helps to build credibility and give credence to a brand’s message. However, at its core, the provenance of a business is not about preserving everything from the past, but simply taking the best aspects forward.

“Being the first international hotel company to enter the Middle East, we have a long and successful history of operating in this region. While we have preserved our heritage and core values, we truly believe that in order to maintain longevity, it is imperative for companies and brands to evolve, continually engage in open dialogues with customers and build upon their heritage, which is why, at IHG, are committed to catering to the changing needs of our guests, while maintaining the levels of service that have come to be associated with the IHG brand.”