Miyako reopens after facelift

Miyako, UAE’s first authentic Japanese restaurant at Hyatt Regency Dubai, has completely been remodelled and reopened as a new restaurant. Miyako, which means the capital in Japanese, was the centre of civilisation in Japan according to legends. Pioneering the Japanese Food experience in Dubai since 1987, Miyako now presents a genuine taste of Japan in a modern, fresh and moody ambience.

In a full open kitchen with its lively, vibrant atmosphere, master chefs work their magic to cook up a mouth-watering feast of fresh seafood, meats, seasonal vegetables along with flavoursome sauces. Diners can embark upon a gastronomical journey as they explore a menu offering regional specialties, all time classics, soups & sushi, sizzling hot meat, fish and seafood. A wide variety of Teppanyaki set menus, hot pot dishes, Bento boxes, business lunch and an assortment of desserts are presented at the restaurant.

Miyako’s remodelled interiors are inspired by traditional Japanese elements like paper parasols, rustic cobble stone streets, Tatami weaves and Shou-Sogi-Ban, the Japanese method of preserving timber by charring it. The restaurant is divided into three different and authentic dining experiences – a private, live Teppanyaki room; main dining area with a sushi bar and an intimate Tatami room. It also features a full open kitchen with a Teppanyaki counter, a Yakitori grill and a cosy bar offering a wide selection of sake and sochu.

A favourite of local residents and the Japanese community in Dubai, Miyako has reinvented itself in a new avatar to continue its legacy of serving authentic Japanese delicacies in this ever-changing city.