Malaysia to allow visa-free entry to India, China visitors


Malaysia plans to grant visa-free entry to citizens of India and China for stays of up to 30 days starting on December 1, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has said.
Anwar said the visa-free entry is allowed as part of the celebrations of the 50-yeat strategic partnership between Malaysia and China next year.
In a statement on Monday, Malaysia's Home Affairs Ministry said the visa exemptions would last until December 31, 2024.
China and India are Malaysia's fourth- and fifth-largest largest sources of tourists.
The facility is currently enjoyed by citizens form the Gulf and other West Asian nations, including Turjye and Jordan.
The visa exemption is subject to security screenings, he said."Initial screening will be conducted for all tourists and visitors to Malaysia. Security matters are a different matterm if there are criminal records or the risk of terrorism, they will not be allowed to enter."