Brazil highlights four cultural destinations to explore


Brazil is welcoming tourists from around the globe to experience the influence of the colonial past to beautiful landscapes and the joyful people, highlighting four cultural tourism destinations to explore.

Carlos Brito, President of Embratur, Brazil’s Tourism Board commented: “Brazil is incredibly diverse and offers travellers so many unique destinations within a destination. Through Embratur, we’re encouraging tourists to explore the extensive options Brazil has to offer beyond Rio and Sao Paulo, from our colonial and historical towns to our paradisical beaches.  

“The four places we’re highlighting here are of particular interest to visitors from the UAE who we know look to escape the heat and their fast-paced urban lives in search of culture, natural beauty, beautiful relaxing beaches, with the option to adventure too. We look forward to welcoming more travellers from Middle East over the summer season as they discover Brazil’s distinctive destinations.”

Florianópolis — for islandic nightlife

Adventurous travellers looking to experience island vibes alongside Brazilian nightlife should consider Florianópolis — one of Brazil’s most beautiful islands. Wherever heads turn, visitors will either find beautiful beaches, parties or afternoon/night clubs. The Jurere Internacional — Florianópolis’ beach-side neighbourhood — promises the best of beachside Brazilian day parties.

But there’s more. To the south of the island is Praia do Campeche and Armação. Here, boats leave for Ilha do Campeche, an island of archaeological interest (thanks to its several rock engravings and paintings) with Caribbean-like seas. Alternatively, keen surfers can head to Praia do Matadeiro, another Southern popular spot.

Fernando de Noronha — for crystal clear waters

Visitors wondering what paradise on earth looks like must visit Fernando de Noronha, a UNESCO World Heritage Site boasting beautiful beaches and unique ecotourism activities. The volcanic archipelago is perfect for families, couples, and friends who want to enjoy hiking, boat trips, snorkelling, surfing, as well as down time.

Located within the heart of Fernando de Noronha is Baía do Sancho — one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with crystal clear waters, teeming with marine wildlife. Those interested in seeing several types of fish, turtles, and small sharks can also head to Praia do Sueste or Praia do Porto.

Based in Fernando de Noronha is Projeto Tamar, an organization that aims to protect and conserve a feeding and spawning area for rare sea turtle species. Tourists can embark on guided tours and lectures, learning from biologists about the life cycle of sea turtles and how to protect them. The island is a breeding area for green turtles and a feeding, growing, and resting area for juveniles of this species and the hawksbill turtle.

Minas Gerais — for historic, colonial architecture & art

The state of Minas Gerais is a great option for those who enjoy a combination of history, nature, and architecture.  

The state has several countryside gems that are worth exploring at a slow pace. Ouro Preto, once the capital of Minas Gerais, is a colonial town in Serra do Espinhaço, known for its baroque architecture and for its steep, winding cobbled streets.

Elsewhere, admirers of architecture, nature, and culture can marvel at the baroque inspired, historic buildings, and secular churches of Diamantina. A city acting as a gateway to the waterfalls of Biribiri State Park.

A World Cultural Heritage Site, Congonhas is another city where visitors can explore the Bom Jesus de Matosinhos Sanctuary, an architectural, sculptural complex showcasing Christian art and expressive works. Congonhas is also home to one of Brazil's greatest artistic patrimonies – the works executed by António Francisco Lisboa, known as “Aleijadinho”.

Estrada Real — for gastronomy & culture

Technically not a destination but worthy of a mention is the Estrada Real, Brazil’s largest 1,600km long tourist route.  Recognized for its historic significance, Estrada Real comprises of a series of tourist routes offering gastronomic, cultural, religious and adventurous experiences.

Travelers will be delighted to find paths full of cosy inns, urban and rural. Local residents are also friendly enough to offer camping facilities or home stay for those who need it.

Some of the main routes include the Old Way, the New Way, the Diamond Way and the Sabarabuçu Way. Visitors are awarded a Certificate of Completion should they collect passport stamps along the entire Estrada Real route. To obtain the certificate, visitors need to acquire a minimum number of stamps, which varies according to the path taken.

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