SabreMosaic modernises retailing


Travel tech giant Sabre Corporation has unveiled SabreMosaic, a cutting-edge platform designed to revolutionize how airlines sell travel. This intelligent, modular, and open system empowers airlines to break free from the limitations of the current PNR-based system.

“Defining and building the next generation of airline retailing solutions has been a significant investment and strategic priority for Sabre, and we are well down this path,” said Kurt Ekert, President & CEO of Sabre. “SabreMosaic is the culmination of our dedication to innovation in airline IT and active collaboration with our airline partners to enable the future of modern retailing. With the success we are already seeing with Sabre’s Retail Intelligence suite of solutions, today’s announcement marks an important milestone on our path to delivering a fully open, modern and flexible retailing platform.”

SabreMosaic represents a significant step forward for airline retailing. By leveraging AI, open architecture, and a modular approach, SabreMosaic aims to empower airlines to deliver a more personalized and dynamic travel experience for their customers.

Traditionally, airlines have relied on the Passenger Name Record (PNR) system, which limits their ability to personalise and dynamically adjust offers. SabreMosaic introduces a modern Offer and Order approach, allowing airlines to create targeted packages and pricing for individual travellers.

SabreMosaic leverages Google’s AI expertise to enable airlines to dynamically tailor offers and content for each customer. The platform boasts a modular and open architecture, built on Google Cloud, giving airlines the flexibility to choose specific functionalities (through APIs) that best suit their needs. This approach allows for faster integration and customization compared to traditional, monolithic systems.

SabreMosaic incorporates Sabre’s existing Retail Intelligence solutions, like Air Price IQ and Upgrade IQ, which utilize AI to optimize pricing and ancillary offerings. These solutions are already powering the retail strategies of several innovative airlines.

Several airlines, including American Airlines, Virgin Australia, Air Serbia, and Oman Air, have expressed enthusiasm for SabreMosaic. They see it as a key tool to personalize the customer experience, expand offerings, and achieve their modernization goals.

SabreMosaic’s key capabilities include holistic offer management – intelligently define, manage and sell airline and third-party content; advanced order management – manage and fulfil offers, including payment processing for traditional and new payment methods; and finally brand experience - maintain brand consistency across all customer touchpoints.  




SabreMosaic promises airlines personalisation to deliver more tailored offers and a dynamic customer experience. It offers increased revenue by helping create new revenue opportunities through a wider range of offerings. It comes with flexibility and speed with its modular platform aiding faster implementation and customisation. Finally, SabreMosaic  supports the future vision of IATA’s Offer and Order approach and helps airlines align with industry standards.