Above and Beond

The world’s first premium leisure airline, Beond, unveils all-business aircraft connection to the Maldives 

Beond’s Airbus A319, a masterpiece of aviation luxury with lay-flat beds, connects Riyadh to Maldives, with plans to start Dubai operations in March 2024

Beond, the world’s first premium leisure airline, ushered in a new age of luxury air travel with its inaugural flight from Riyadh to the Maldives departing at near-full capacity. This momentous occasion was celebrated with a distinguished event in Riyadh, attended by notable dignitaries and media representatives. Further enhancing the travel experience, Beond announced a strategic partnership with Altanfeethi executive private terminal, ensuring an exceptional and seamless journey for passengers right from the outset.

This new premium leisure airline promises to transform the skies with its private jet ambiance. The first of its kind, Beond connects travellers from key cities in Europe, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific directly to the tropical paradise of Malé. With inaugural flights taking off consecutively last month, the airline brings passengers from Riyadh, Munich and Zurich, with new routes planned from Dubai and Milan, beginning late March 2024.

Beond’s Airbus A319, a masterpiece of aviation luxury with lay-flat beds, represents the pinnacle of comfort and style. Ticket holders can now journey to the Maldives with the intimacy and sophistication of a private charter.

“Our first flight departing from Riyadh is a powerful affirmation of Beond’s vision to revolutionize the luxury travel experience,” said Tero Taskila, CEO of Beond. “Beond seeks to redefine the skies, where luxury, comfort, and exclusivity are not just ideals, but realities experienced by every traveller.”

The overwhelming response to the airline’s first flight indicates Beond’s potential in redefining luxury air travel.

Beond intends to expand its fleet to 32 aircraft and serve 60 destinations within the next five years, including adding new Airbus A321 jets into their fleet next year.

The airline’s niche market strategy focuses on point-to-point luxury leisure connections, with Riyadh being among the first to celebrate direct links to Malé. Beond’s bold vision is further set to encompass Milan and Dubai in late March 2024. Flights will depart Milan-Malpensa from Milan, and Dubai World Centre/Al Maktoum International Airport from Dubai.

Founded by aviation veterans Max Nilov, Tero Taskila and Sascha Feuerherd in January 2022, Beond is a joint venture formed by the investment firm Arabesque and the Maldivian hospitality company SIMDI Group.