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Atmosphere Core places an emphasis on authenticity with the newly launched programme


Atmosphere Core, a dynamic hospitality company with three distinctive lifestyle brands, THE OZEN COLLECTION, COLOURS OF OBLU, and Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts, is curating one of the world’s most unique grape beverage programmes, with its distinctive 360-degree approach.
What distinguishes Atmosphere Core’s approach to grape on a global scale is its focus on cultivating an authentic beverage culture over the conventional emphasis of upselling, which is prevalent in the industry.

The landscape of the beverage industry is in constant flux, and within the realm of luxury resorts, the confluence of food and beverage makes for quintessential holiday experiences.

Resort guests are treated to an enriched stay, featuring rare grapes and unforgettable masterclasses seamlessly integrated into their holiday plans. The culinary teams have the opportunity to refine their sommelier skills through educational programmes. Furthermore, the reach of the programme extends to include sales partners and media globally, who are invited to partake in immersive experiences.

In 2023, Atmosphere Core organised 20 in-market events in 15 cities across Europe, Japan and the UK for 300 sales partners and media. These events, comprising engaging dinners with exceptional grape pairings, sought to bring the distinctive ambiance of the resorts to the doorsteps of travel partners and top-tier media.

At the heart of the Atmosphere Core grape beverage programme are three key partners: Champagne Guy Charbaut (Mareuil-sur-Ay, France), Bodegas Viñátigo (Canary Islands, Spain), and Glenelly Estate (Stellenbosch, South Africa). These partners were carefully selected for their dedication to authenticity, family-owned vineyards, and the production of unique terroir grapes.

Management and owners from these three partner vineyards were hosted at resorts in the Maldives this year – the gathering naturally resulting in memorable experiences for guests and colleagues, with a total of 400 attendees across 18 events at 5 resorts and 3 brands: all blended into the holiday plans.

An innovative addition in 2023 was the elevation of the Just Veg Festival at Atmosphere Kanifushi. This year the festival menu was paired with a ‘Sommelier Selection’ from the three distinguished grape partners, plus an exclusive collaboration with Bodegas Martín Códax, one of the truly premier Spanish grape estates from the world-renowned region of Rías Baixas.

Atmosphere Core’s commitment to enhancing knowledge and fostering connections is evident as 10 frontline F&B colleagues visited partner vineyards in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, France, and the Canary Islands. These educational journeys solidified bonds with beverage partners and developed internal talent.

In addition, 180 colleagues have participated in various in-resort training programmes and workshops, allowing them to upskill through education.

“We now look forward to 2024, which will see our newest collaboration with Bodegas Martín Códax help us breach new boundaries in terms of excellence,” Nicolas Laguette, Beverage Director at Atmosphere Core, says. “We are also looking forward to the introduction of our fourth family-owned beverage partner – Cantina Rivera from the South of Italy, as well as creating more innovative events.”