Safarak intensifies sustainability efforts


Safarak Travel and Tourism, a member of RAK Hospitality Holding, a Ras Al Khaimah Government company that manages a diverse portfolio of hotels, hospitality, and leisure assets in the emirate.

On World Tourism Day, Safarak Travel and Tourism, attained its ResponsibleRAK Silver Benchmarked status, powered by EarthCheck.

The company has impressive future plans to further its green cause by installing an air to water machine to reduce plastic bottle usage, organising beach cleaning days to preserve coastal areas and exploring the introduction of electronic vehicles into their fleet for sustainable transportation.

TTN spoke to Cathy Mead, General Manager, Safarak, who remains steadfastly committed to the sustainability journey.


What are some of the specific actions or initiatives that Safarak Travel & Tourism has taken or plan to take to meet the EarthCheck certification criteria, which include business management, social, cultural and economic management, environmental management, and category-specific indicators?

Safarak Travel & Tourism is dedicated to meeting EarthCheck certification criteria across our operations, covering business, social, cultural, economic, and environmental aspects. Here are our actions:

Noise reduction: We use headphones in our call centre to improve focus and reduce noise pollution.

Digital collaboration: We utilize digital tools to cut paper usage and enhance efficiency.

Sustainable printing: We minimize colour printing, print only when necessary, and default to double-sided printing.

Disposable items: We’ve eliminated disposable cups in our office.

Reusable containers: We encourage reusable water bottles, coffee mugs, and lunch containers.

Social responsibility: We organize blood donation campaigns for community well-being.

Digital solutions: We’ve adopted digital solutions to reduce paper use in daily operations.

QR code brochures: We use QR codes for guest brochures, reducing paper waste.


How does Safarak Travel & Tourism monitor and measure its environmental and social impacts and performance on an ongoing basis?

At Safarak Travel & Tourism, we are deeply committed to ongoing monitoring and measurement of our environmental and social impacts. Our rigorous sustainability approach involves monthly tracking of fuel, electricity, water, waste, and paper usage across all operations. We use the EarthCheck portal for benchmarking and analysing data, allowing us to make real-time improvements. This proactive approach aligns with our sustainability commitment and responsible business practices, enabling us to reduce our environmental footprint and positively impact the communities and environments we serve. 

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