SkyTeam’s Sustainable Flight Challenge takes off

22 global airlines took to the skies as part of Sky-Team’s second Sustainable Flight Challenge

Between May 15 to 28, 2023, 22 global airlines took to the skies as part of SkyTeam’s second Sustainable Flight Challenge – a shared mission to discover new solutions to help make air travel greener. Out of 22 airline participants, Saudia was the only Gulf airline taking part in the challenge.

For a second consecutive year, the global airline alliance harnessed the power of friendly competition and challenging airlines to operate their flights as sustainably as possible, above and below wing, from pushback to parking stand.

Launched in 2022, The Sustainable Flight Challenge (TSFC) is the industry’s first sustainability initiative of its kind and aims to affect meaningful change in the short-term. All participating airlines commit to sharing their innovations and insights industry-wide after the challenge to help reduce aviation’s environmental impact while the industry waits for greater availability of alternative fuel sources.

“After last year’s inaugural challenge generated hundreds of new innovations, many of which are being adopted by our airlines, we’re excited to see what new ideas the second Sustainable Flight Challenge will bring our industry,” said Patrick Roux, SkyTeam CEO. “A lot of hard work has gone into these dedicated flights and I am proud of the efforts these airlines are making in our mission to reduce emissions and find new ways to make air travel greener.”

To qualify, flights must form part of the airlines’ existing networks and fall within a specified distance. Once completed, airlines submit their results which will be evaluated for each award against set criteria by a diverse panel of aviation and sustainability experts from around the world.

This year’s seven awards categories included Lowest CO2 emissions; Greatest CO2 reduction; Lowest CO2 emissions ground operations; Best in-flight waste management; Best collaboration; Best adoption; and Best Innovation.