In Brief


Sri Lanka Tourism participates at WTM 2022

Sri Lanka Tourism has prioritised the tourism sector as the third highest foreign exchange earner to the country’s economy. The recent increase of tourist arrivals shows the progress of the tourism industry within the last few months. Sri Lanka has already achieved half a million tourist arrivals to date, and Sri Lanka Tourism is looking forward to achieving its target of one million tourist arrivals this year under the leadership of Harin Fernando, Minister of Tourism and Lands.

Necessary steps are underway to provide concessionary facilities and essential items such as fuel and gas to those who are affiliated with the industry, to ensure that travellers will not face any inconvenience during their stay. As a result of the country’s return to normalcy, several countries have relaxed their travel advisories to Sri Lanka including the UK, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherland, and the latest additions being Canada, Belgium, and New Zealand.


Vegas never fails to impress

Formula 1 Takes Over the Las Vegas Strip from November 16 – 18, 2023. The most anticipated Grand Prix in motorsports history is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas on November 18, 2023. Taking place at night against the iconic Las Vegas backdrop, the track will see drivers reach jaw-dropping speeds of over 210mph (340kph) as they race around some of the world’s most iconic landmarks, hotels, and casinos on the legendary Las Vegas Strip. 

In other news, British Airways will run a new direct flight from London Gatwick to Las Vegas’ Harry Reid International Airport for summer 2023 between March 26, 2023 – October 28, 2023, operating three times a week on the Boeing 777-200 aircraft. The lead-in price is £426 (Dh 1778.70), based on a return journey in their World Traveller (economy) cabin. 

Las Vegas enjoyed its busiest months since the start of the pandemic with record air arrivals into Harry Reid International Airport in June 2022.


Ethiopia all set to welcome travellers

ETHIOPIA is prepared to welcome international tourists in the midst of new market opportunities brought about by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The country has a high commitment in maintaining the standards of safe travel protocols and procedures as it reopens its doors to tourism and international visitors.

Ethiopia is an ancient country whose unique cultural heritage, rich history, and remarkable biodiversity are reflected in a tally of nine tangible and four intangible UNESCO World Heritages – more than any other country in Africa.

Geographically, Ethiopia is blessed with one of the highest peaks in Africa, Ras Dejen (4,600m above sea level), and one of the lowest points on earth, the Danakil Depression where the mystery of nature leaves everyone in awe. Culturally, the country hosts more mthan 80 ethnic groups with their own unique traditions, customs, and ways of life. In this sense, Ethiopia is particularly known as a melting pot of cultures, known for the peaceful coexistence of its diverse tribes for ages, highlighting that cultural diversity is a real blessing for humans, as biodiversity is for nature.


Sharm El Sheikh to host COP27

Sharm El Sheikh has consolidated its worldwide reputation by hosting the UN Climate Change Conference COP27 from November 6 -18, this year.

For its many happy visitors, the area is known simply as “Sharm”, and whatever you’re looking for on holiday, you’ll find it here; whether it’s the natural wonders of land and sea, sun, and relaxation, or nightlife with the energy of the world’s best in busy Na’ama Bay.

Ras Mohamed has stunning views across the Red Sea which gave the area huge strategic importance throughout history. Today, it is a beautiful National Park, set up to protect marine and land wildlife and maintain the natural beauty of the area. Not far south of the resort town of Sharm El Sheikh, this protected area is a must-see for visitors interested in the vast array of natural beauty found in and around the Red Sea. With building of any kind prohibited, Ras Mohammed remains a timeless and pristine environment in which nature flourishes.