Kempinski Hotel Muscat links up with Oman Food Bank

Kempinski Hotel Muscat aims at minimising waste

Kempinski Hotel Muscat has signed with Oman Food Bank: Dayma to minimise the wastage of food and help create better awareness on the importance of food management, especially within hotels.

It is at the core of Kempinski Hotels to create a sense of responsibility towards a sustainable yet luxurious guest experience that is respectful of the environment. One of the partnerships that Kempinski hotels has formed is with BE Health, which brings hotels under one corporate social responsibility vision: a world where health is contagious.

BE Health’s mission is to care for people’s health from the workplace to the local community by establishing individual hotel health prevention programmes under the name of BE Health. In this programme, individual hotel objectives are achieved by building capacity through health promotion and prevention and empowering people at the workplace and in local communities through health awareness and promotion so that each will be able to protect themselves.

Oman Food Bank is a non-profit organisation that seeks to help indigent families and meet their food needs. The organisation’s vision is to provide a decent life for those in need through successful projects and initiatives within a system that operates efficiently.

Kempinski Hotel Muscat’s General Manager, Carsten Wiegandt said: “Through this partnership and many other similar projects that the team has been involved in, we hope to raise better awareness on how local businesses can contribute to the community that they are operating in.

“Five-star hotels produce large quantities of food, especially with a property of our size and the number of outlets, there is much to be donated to people who are in need in different parts of the country. As Oman Food Bank is also looking for additional support, we are delighted to have some of our team members volunteer as well.”