Wonders of the picturesque lakes in Azerbaijan


What can be a better decoration for the landscape than lakes with astonishing colours all across their banks, offering picturesque views of the mountains? Azerbaijan welcomes you for a such outdoor experience where rich colours and unique flora take you into the atmosphere of fairytales. Whether you would like to have a nice rest after a hike, go on a scenic walk, or just enjoy a picnic with your loved ones – clearly, lakes surrounded by breathtaking views, forests and mountains of Azerbaijan make your best travel destination choice.



As you travel along the northwestern route, you will arrive at Garanohur Lake in the Ismayilli region. This lake takes you into a fantasy world in the hidden forest, with a stunning mountain view. Located next to Talistan village, it is a great opportunity for experienced hikers and a challenge for beginners. This hiking adventure is definitely worth it - marvellous nature will accompany you through the whole trail and surprise you with outstanding views as you arrive at the destination. After your hike, you can spend more time enjoying the beauty of Ismayilli region, which offers a rapidly developing sustainable touristic experience. Whether you choose to go camping or to stay at the farmhouse, you get a chance to try local organic products and enjoy meals prepared by local families. More post-hike options are offered to you, as you can take short trips to the cosy little villages of Lahij and Basgal. The village of Lahij has antique cobbled streets and stone houses in a unique architectural style. Walk here for a dive into the rich culture of Azerbaijan and come away with many special memories. Basgal is another authentic Azerbaijani village located in the mountains and home to kelaghayis – exquisite silk traditional headscarves.



Lake Goygol serves as an inspiration for many artists who have reflected its beauty in a number of poems, songs and paintings. Lake Goygol translates from Azerbaijani as “Blue Lake” and perfectly symbolises the clearness of the water. Located at 1,500 metres above the sea, it offers stunning scenery, which makes it one of the favourite locations for Azerbaijanis and tourists alike. This beautiful lake lies in the Lower Caucasian Mountains and is surrounded by a mesmerising national park of the same name. Here you can enjoy scenic walks perfectly decorated with unique flora and fauna. The National Park was built for the protection of various beautiful lakes in the region, among which Goygol is the biggest one. For experienced hikers, a trip to Mount Kapaz can add a great bonus to your time at Lake Goygol. As a post-hike, you can travel to the second-biggest city of Azerbaijan – Ganja with its rich historical sights and delicious cuisine.



A truly exquisite experience with distinguishable landscapes awaits you at Batabat Lake located in Southwest of Azerbaijan, at 2,500 metres above the sea. The lake is close to Nakhchivan city (65 kilometres north) which makes it a very accessible natural attraction. On your way to the lake, you will notice how dramatically the landscapes change here, magnetising in their diversity. The lake itself is surrounded by wildflowers and has a floating little island in the centre. The tranquillity of this lake would be perfect for a weekend picnic, where you can fill your lungs with the freshest air, allowing your body to fully rest.



Being one of the most popular sights of Gabala, Nohur Lake is surrounded by forest and Greater Caucasus Mountains, showing them in all their glory. The water here is fresh and crystal clear thanks to the water supplies splitting into the lake from the mountains. This natural attraction will be a great place for those who enjoy spending their time actively. Horse riding with pictorial views, hikes, boat rides, and fishing are offered to all travellers. The lake has any kind of leisure activity, even for those who are just looking for a peaceful day in the heart of nature.



Located in the northern part of Azerbaijan, in the region of Guba, Chenlibel Lake is surrounded by lush meadow, which is a perfect spot for relaxing picnic evenings. This lake is particularly famous for fishing, being home to carp, pike and perch. So, if your perfect day sounds like a stroll with fascinating views and fishing on the bank of a secluded lake, Chenlibel Lake must be on your travel list.