Araba Fenice launches service in the UAE

Araba Fenice will attract travellers to Campania

Expo 2020 has been chosen by yet another international company to introduce its services to the region, using Dubai as the main platform.

Araba Fenice Services Srl, a spin-off of Italy Emotion Tour Operator, captivated the attention of a selected group of the UAE’s best travel agencies and wedding planners with a presentation of undiscovered treasures of the Region of Campania, Araba Fenice’s home. 

Through a virtual tour among the charms of Capri, the mysteries of Pompeii and the exclusivity of Positano, Araba Fenice offered the local agencies a new perspective on the entire Campania region and instruments to communicate its beauty to the UAE travel lovers.

Araba Fenice will partner with local travel agencies to get an accurate understanding of the UAE’s customers’ preferences, requirements and goals with the aim to offer unparalleled experiences to tourists coming from the UAE.

“Our agency is poised to become a point of reference for professionals and private customers traveling to Italy and, especially, Campania,” commented Domenica Sannino, the Director of Araba Fenice after his meetings with the local counterparts. “We are extremely happy with the welcoming response of our colleagues in the UAE and we look forward to welcome tourists and visitors from this amazing country.”