Picture perfect holidays in Taiwan

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Taiwan is a place rich in history, character, and fantastic scenery. This place is the ideal spot for any photographer wanting to take some amazing pictures.

With beautiful forests and crystal blue rivers, not to mention the amazing night markets and temples, it’ll make you feel as it you got transported to the past. No matter what it is that you like to photograph, there is something for you.

Architecture is coming of age: The buildings are an amalgamation of traditional, contemporary, and modern style of structures. There were some noteworthy exceptions, prestige pieces constructed between the 1950’s and 1980’s combining both function and beauty. Many of these buildings are still iconic features on Taiwan’s architectural landscape, most notably the Taipei’s Grand Hotel, the National Palace Museum, and the magnificent Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. Modern Architecture rose in Tai wan in the 1990s to the 2000 with the turn of the century. Taipei 101 (which would hold the title of world’s tallest tower until losing it to Dubai’s Burj Khalifa in 2010). Graceful and elegant as the bamboo stalk it was built to resemble, Taipei 101 is praised for both its seamless blending of modern and classical style.

Scenery is a shutterbug’s paradise: Running down the country’s spine is the Central Mountain Range, a magnet for mountaineers looking to scale east Asia's tallest peak, Yushan (Jade Mountain). Photographers are also drawn daily as Yu Shan’s peak is the perfect spot from which to catch a shot of the “sea of clouds” that sweeps over the mountains at dawn. Taiwan's beaches are beautiful as well, offering some of east Asia's finest surfing and windsurfing spots.

Magic in the night markets: As photographers love to experiment with different styles, one of the main muses is to try out street photography. Taiwan has the most vibrant night markets. Night Markets are important in Taiwanese culture and are often the best night life you can experience in certain areas outside of Taipei as you'll find people of all walks of life enjoying the carnival like atmosphere.

Browsing a night market is always a cool experience for foreigners who come to Taiwan as it’s a great way to experience a bit of the liveliness of Taiwanese culture.

Colourful spots perfect for your Instagram: Taiwan is a colourful place filled with quaint corners and streets making it perfect for Instagram. Photographers can catch the beautiful sunset and sunrise of Alishan. Visit the JiuFen Old street, hike up the Elephant mountain to get the perfect view of the Taipei Skyline, rainbow village in Taichung, Toroko Gorge, Dragon and Tiger Pagoda, Sun Moon Lake and so much more.

It’s an ideal place filled with beauty and wonder leaving you with unforgettable memories to cherish forever. It’s the people and culture that make the place.

Taiwan a country of many layers and culture. Taipei is buzzing and vibrant attracting people from different parts of the world for business and opportunities. Taiwanese locals are one of the friendliest people you will come across without having language as a barrier. For street photographers, this is a true delight as they can capture the true essence of this country, which is its people.

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