Bilateral travel between Bahrain and Hungary

Travellers with Covid-19 immunity certificates issued from Bahrain (residents who have a valid certificate of vaccination) are allowed to enter Hungary without quarantine. From the UAE, however, only business and economic activities warrant quarantine-free travel. Otherwise, mandatory quarantine of 10 days is applicable.

“Democratisation of vaccination has placed us among the top most vaccinated countries in Europe – we have embraced the Sputnik V, the western vaccines such as Pfizer as well as the Sinopharm. I think this is the way to go, especially for tourism,” Fruzsina Zakariás, Deputy CEO of Visit Hungary, tells TTN.

Flydubai has announced four times weekly Dubai to Budapest from September 30 this year, so travel from the UAE is anticipated to begin only post summer, unless the European Union opens up before that.

“Hungary will be present in the Expo with a very nice Hungarian pavilion. We just thought that being here for just six months wouldn’t make sense - obviously the GCC has not been discovered by Hungarians from the tourism perspective so far. So, we would like to aim for the GCC market and open our office in Dubai in fall 2021.”

“Democratisation of vaccination has placed us among the top most vaccinated countries in Europe”
– Fruzsina Zakariás


“I believe we are still a hidden gem in the Gulf region. So, I often tell people we are just a two- hours’ drive from Vienna, come visit us for a day when you go to Austria, which is obviously better known in the region.

“Hungary is a very green country, we have hiking and bicycling, we are the country of waters and great weather. We have a lot of spas in the capital city, a lot of thermal baths, aesthetic and other treatments.”

Some 13 per cent of Hungary’s GDP comes from the tourism sector (Pre-Covid figures). Prior to the pandemic, Hungary saw the number of inbound tourist trips jump to a record 16.2 million guests spending more than 42 million guest nights in Hungarian accommodation establishments. According to the National Tourism Data Supply Centre, 2020 was concluded with a total of approximately 8 million guests and nearly 22.7 million guest nights.

“Apart from five-star properties in Budapest and in the countryside, we have luxury small properties, such as a recently opened early 20th century castle with only 19 rooms – 45 minutes from Budapest, outside in the countryside. Culture and history are becoming more important for travellers from the region – all our buildings are from the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, we have beautiful architecture. Music, especially our opera house, will also be a good connect with travellers from the region. Preferences of people have also changed, especially younger generation, which has other needs.”

Hungary has witnessed impressive development in the luxury tourism sector in recent years, with a fascinating array of new and renovated grand and boutique hotels opening to the public.  Matild Palace, a luxury collection hotel built in 1902 under the patronage of Her Imperial and Royal Highness Archduchess Maria Klotild of Austria, offers visitors a journey into the world of imperial splendour.

Meanwhile BOTANIQ Castle of Tura, is a fairytale-like jewel showcasing neo-renaissance and neo-baroque style elements, built by a Baron to exemplify his everlasting love and dedication to his wife. Today it’s one of the most beautiful castles in Hungary and as a hotel, provides a sanctuary of privacy and comfort with its 12 beautifully appointed rooms and 7 lavish suits.

Some of Hungary’s upcoming lifestyle attractions include Fashion Street Budapest; a shopping street where you can find everything from architectural gems, fashion, high-quality shopping and gastronomy to world-famous high-end brands. Premier Outlet Budapest is a popular shopping center in the outskirts of Budapest with over 100 national and international shops.