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Reconnecting with family and friends is the type of travel that has grown most in importance over the pandemic, with people prioritising new, outdoorsy destinations over the familiar and urban environments to make meaningful travel memories

“Our latest research demonstrates that people miss traveling and long to reconnect with their friends, family, and colleagues,” said Anni Murphy, Corporate Communications Manager at Expedia Group. “Once circumstances related to the pandemic have stabilized, people plan to take more extended trips, and they’re budgeting a significant amount of money for travel. Pent-up demand indicates even the travel sectors hit hardest by Covid-19 may start to recover sooner than expected. This is a positive signal not only for travel, but also for broader economic recovery, and the communities across the globe that rely on tourism.”

Expedia-owned vacation rental marketplace Vrbo discovered – through a survey of 8,000+ people across 8 countries and Vrbo demand data – that many families will still stick close to home and enjoy flexcations – blending play with remote work and school. According to its 2021 travel trends report, 63 per cent of families say they prefer outdoorsy destinations over urban settings. About 60 per cent want to travel to a new destination rather than one they’ve been to before.

Travel will come back because people want to connect, Airbnb said in a new report that highlighted how 2021 will see a shift toward more meaningful travel as the pandemic continues to limit mass tourism. When travel returns in 2021, it will be about connecting with loved ones through more personal trips. The type of travel people have missed the most is visiting with family and friends, according to the report. Connecting with family and friends is also the type of travel that has grown most in importance as people look to travel after the pandemic: 41 per cent say such travel has become “much more” important to them, almost twice the percentage who cite travel to accomplish personal goals (22 per cent).

Family travel has not only grown in importance for people post-pandemic, but other recent research conducted for Airbnb suggests that family travel is the type of travel communities most want.

The Cleartrip and Flyin Travel Insights Report launched last month also revealed that 70 per cent of the 5,678 people surveyed are eager to travel with friends and family.

Four Seasons in Thailand has combined the latest family travel trends and is inviting multi-generational and family travellers with a myriad of outdoorsy experiences. With its very own working rice fields, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai offers a valuable opportunity to experience the farming culture of Northern Thailand. “Children and adults alike learn about the fascinating journey of rice and see the hard work that goes into farming,” Anthony Gill, General Manager, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai and Tented Camp Golden Triangle says. The La-On Kids Club team takes the young guests for an educational walk in the fields, where they observe first-hand how rice is grown. Along the way, they also get to meet the resort’s famous resident buffaloes. At the rice museum, children explore different types of rice and their benefits. Finally, they join the farmers to plant rice sprouts in the paddies.

Further up north and into the magical bamboo jungles of the Golden Triangle, guests can go glamping when they stay two nights or more. With only 15 tents and a two-bedroom Explorer’s Lodge, Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle provide the perfect hideout, away from the bustling city-scape. The unique nature of the Camp’s design makes it suitable for children over the age of 10 years. “We have a range of dining and spa experiences, as well as in-camp and destination exploration to keep families engaged during their time with us,” says Tobias Emmer, Camp Manager. Of the local gems recommended by the team, a favourite is learning fishing techniques along the Mekong River, developed over thousands of years. “Our ‘Fishing with Locals’ trip allows you to try first-hand fish trapping and bamboo fishing with local fishermen from the region. Boating along the Ruak River, which straddles the borders between Thailand, Myanmar and Laos, offers a unique insight into the local way of life,” he shares.  

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