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November 2020 555

Cheval Blanc Randheli returns with an impressive selection of immersive water activities


From a series of specially crafted experiences to explore the waters and lush islands to wholesome journeys dedicated to well-being, each experience creates unforgettable memories to share with the ones you love.

Every experience may be tailored according to needs and expectations. Cheval Blanc Randheli’s team of passionate Alchemists and dedicated Majordome is at complete disposal to create a special itinerary for the guests.

Cheval Blanc has shipped in the latest toys for maximum fun on the waves. For a gentle glide across the surface of the lagoon, or an underwater adventure to enjoy the coral reef at its very best, the Seabob is a must-try and certainly one of the best ways to explore marine life with ease and grace.

For active types keen on adventure, the Jet-Surf, a jet-propelled surfboard capable of travelling up to 40mph, will provide hours of entertainment. On top of this, the Maison announces its new Surf Stimulator, where all surfers, from beginners to avid ones, can catch a wave. Everyone from teenagers upwards will be up and running quickly with the assistance of Cheval Blanc’s experienced Ambassadeurs who will teach guests to ride the board and carve wake in the lagoon.

Last is the ultimate water sports challenge – the Maison’s own Fly board and Hoverboard. Powered by a jet ski, adrenalin junkies can fly out of the water performing tricks and loops, or hoover atop the water, all under the watchful eye of a dedicated instructor.

These amusements will not spoil the peace and quiet of Randheli’s 7 sq km azure lagoon, which it is famed for.

The Maison has just launched the first and only ‘Surf Stimulator’ in the Maldives. Now all surfing enthusiast can both enjoy and evolve their skills regardless of the sea conditions.

Safe but thrilling, this surf simulator, designed to emulate the waves of the ocean, can also kick off some friendly competition to see who can last the longest!

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