Airlines adopt measures to reassure guests

From Emirates and Etihad Airways to Korean Air, United and Xiamen Airlines, the airline industry is trying its best to reassure guests, a report sponsored by CarTrawler has summarised. The report aims to help navigate the issue of traveller confidence and how it can be restored.

Aileen McCormack, Chief Commercial Officer at CarTrawler, said: “Regaining consumer confidence in travel is the key to regenerating the industry, be that business or leisure. Travel is certainly facing turbulent times, but our industry will get through this. The innovations we see within the report set us apart from other industries, alongside our ability to change to support our customers during the pandemic.”

McCormack added: “We are starting to see more positive signs across the travel industry and countries accounting for 85 per cent of world GDP are now past their peak of new cases. This in itself is a precursor to easing restrictions on travel bans. At CarTrawler, our focus is to work with our airline and travel partners to ensure we are supporting them in their preparations for the return of travel – with their customers being at the core of these arrangements.”

Individual airlines, hotels, vacation rentals, car hire, airport transfers, and sightseeing companies are already making decisions to ensure the safety of their customers, which will also increase traveller confidence in our industry. This confidence will be built in layers, and here are some of the examples provided in the report:

 • Emirates prohibits large carry-on bags to reduce congestion in the aisles while boarding and deplaning, and to speed the process.

• Etihad Airways is trialling new passenger screening kiosks to help identify travellers at the early phases of COVID-19 infection.

• Korean Air has implemented temperature checks for all passengers boarding aircraft at Seoul Incheon Airport.

• United is integrating electrostatic spraying into its cleaning procedures on all flights.

• Xiamen Airlines has an inflight separation zone for ill passengers in the aft cabin or front of the aircraft.