Jeddah World Fest planned for five years

Chris Brown performs at last month’s Jeddah World Fest

The Jeddah World Fest international music festival drew an audience of 40,000 adoring fans last month, like never before in Saudi Arabia.

The event is planned to continue annually for the next five years and everybody over 16 years of age can attend, there are no restrictions on gender or any form of segregation.

The seven-hour event, which TTN was invited to, featured performances from star talent including Janet Jackson, Liam Payne, Chris Brown, 50 Cent, Tyga, Future, Steve Aoki and R3WIRE & Varski.
The first of its kind festival in Saudi Arabia was built specifically to unite music fans and to inspire young people through live music experiences. The festival is all inclusive for fans from all backgrounds and persuasions and is totally open for everyone to attend and freely enjoy together.

The production was reportedly the largest outdoor festival stage ever built in the Middle East.
The spectacular event was produced for global TV, and the premiere was broadcast around the world last month.