New FAQ Bot cuts expense

Talk to the bot … with Instaroom

Instaroom, an AI powered messaging platform built for managing complex customer journeys, transactions, and bookings for hoteliers, announced the launch of its new artificial intelligence FAQ Bot, designed to intuitively answer commonly asked customer questions and reduce hotel management costs. Instaroom has been testing its new AI FAQ bots at various hotels throughout the world, including Desa Visesa Ubud in Bali, the Delfins Beach Resort in Dutch Caribbean Island Bonaire, and the Hotel Palace Berlin.

The new FAQ Bot, can be integrated into a hotel’s homepage and reduces incoming inquiries by up to 40 per cent, consequently decreasing inbound phone calls and emails. Instaroom is also now offering hoteliers white-label bots to specifically fit a property - automating everything from bookings and in-house inquiries - like room service and concierge.

“Every day hoteliers are answering the same questions over and over again - including when are breakfast hours, what are parking costs, and how much for a room,” said Niklas Pettersson, co-founder and CEO of Instaroom. “Over the course of a year, thousands of employee hours are being wasted. We’ve designed an intelligent bot that customers can interact with on a hotel’s website and our beta results show that nearly 50 per cent of visitors are using the widgets. The product has increased efficiency for hoteliers, but it’s also making the customer journey much more user-friendly in an era where consumers expect quick results.”

Instaroom also announced that it has opened a new office in the central business district of Singapore. The new office will serve as the headquarters for sales and marketing in Asia Pacific - a market that has increasingly shown a high demand for Instaroom’s technology. Having an APAC location will allow the company to better address the specific needs of hoteliers in the surrounding area.

Finally, Instaroom is welcoming two new investors, including Jack Chia, based in Singapore. Chia is currently the Vice President of Corporate Business Development for Pico Global, a global leader in Total Brand Activation. Anthony Lyall is also joining the investment team. Lyall is the Managing Director of #NoFilter Holidays, a luxury online travel agency. Together, the new team members will bring decades of experience in the travel industry and a local voice in Singapore and London.