A look back to look ahead

Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Promenadeplatz

Munich’s Bayerischer Hof has gone past 175 years in business. The hotel is a glowing example to our industry where the core values of service, the approach to delighting customers, the nuances of keeping operations one step ahead of expectations is continuously challenged by emerging knowhow, innovations and zeitgeists, the style of the era. Perhaps a walk down their inspirational hallways to indulge in the glorious stories that have made the landmark establishment what it is today, will help us appreciate what it takes to seize the moment, and the future.


King Ludwig 1, known for his finesse, commissioned the creation of a masterpiece, a first-class hotel in the heart of Munich. This was in 1893. An epic moment in the historical timeline of the travel and hospitality industry. One would have imagined that this would be the abode of exclusivity, crème de la crème, the best of fashion, art and music that inspires the city. It was. But its royal origins helped in creating largesse of heart in the way the hotel generously gives. To people from all corners of the world and all shades of preferences, Bayerischer Hof gives a customised experience.

Enter through the large revolving front door entrance for into the grand foyer. Or through the shopping arcade, or past the past the theatre. Or up from the underground garage. The sense of anticipation with each entrance is nurtured to win over very mood, whether you are in for a quiet afternoon tea, or a blast with friends at the night club or in the mood to relax at the iconic spa. The common ingredient is the taste of gourmet flavours and Bavarian quintessence. Bayerischer Hof is a world within a world where every soul feels welcome to a royal experience.



Authenticity of experiences being core to the Bayerischer Hof opulence, the family-owned brand ensures that guests can be who they are amidst the stunning ambiance. A guest entry from 2011 reads: “Me and my friends had a lovely time here. ‘Oh! No' they said in unison when they realised it was time to go.” – Signed: Robbie Williams.

The entry is complimented with a cute sketch of happy and surprised faces. The singer who sings after the hearts of millions of fans worldwide, was unabashed about his love of Bayerischer Hof. Possibly the most famous memorial of Michael Jackson in the whole world is placed just outside the main entrance of the hotel on Promenadeplatz, the pop icon was a regular patron. Like so many whose thank you notes say it all. What it means to live up to expectations, exceed and delight patrons through changing seasons of style, fashion and innovation.

“Dearest Bayerischer Hof, You have been so kind and generous to me and my entourage. Thank you again and again.” – Cher

“Words cannot express the gratitude I have for your outstanding hospitality. Thanks for the comfort, the care and especially the kitchen!” – Samuel Jackson.

Looking at the guest list one knows this is perhaps the only place in the world that has touched our heroes and stars over a hundred years: Charlie Chaplin, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Freddy Mercury, Alfred Hitchcock, Robert De Niro, Zac Efron, Ben Affleck, Russell Crow and thousands more. From the world of leadership, Queen Elizabeth, Dalai Lama, Kaiser Napoleon 3, Albert Einstein, Pope Benedict XVI, King Abdullah II and many more. From the world of sports and fashion, Muhammed Ali, Cristian Dior, Paco Rabanne, Nina Ricci, Pele, Lewis Hamilton and hundreds more.

We were talking of looking back to look ahead for inspirations. The way Michael Jackson, King of Pop made his regal stay at Bayerischer Hof a common thread on this tapestry of travels across Europe, the institution stayed true to its vocation of serving each customer with pride and sincerity. It was a tough balance to maintain security for a star who the world loves, and at the same time provide other guests the convenience they expect. So, when the King of Pop asked for a ban on fans from entering the hotel, the answer was a no!

MJ kept returning to his favourite abode Bayerischer Hof.