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Neuroscientist in residence at Corinthia Hotel London

PUSHING the boundaries of innovative offerings, Corinthia Hotel London has teamed up with renowned neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart to research the mental resilience of people across various business sectors. It is a world first for any hotel to undertake such a programme.

From November 2016, Corinthia Hotel London has been hosting a year-long Neuroscientist in Residence programme advising staff at the hotel, as well as regular, loyal guests including high-profile business leaders and VIPs. Dr Tara Swart, leadership coach and Senior Lecturer at MIT, will examine the mental resilience of each group to analyse how they cope with stress. The resulting data will generate a special Brain Power Study at the end of the residency.

Dr Tara Swart works with leaders of some of the world’s most successful companies to help them achieve mental resilience and peak brain performance. Dr Swart said, 'As a neuroscientist, I am fascinated by how the human brain works, and as a leadership coach I advise people whose professions or lifestyle mean that mental resilience is essential and expected. It’s hugely exciting to be researching this in more depth and in broader sectors in partnership with Corinthia Hotel London. Developing resilience in the workplace is about investing in the development of people and ensuring the brain-body connection is taken into account in an integrated approach to leadership, life and work.'

Brain Power Study: One of the main goals of the hotel’s Neuroscientist in Residence programme is to generate insights into how to maximise our potential, both at work and home, by building mental resilience in order to succeed in increasingly stressful work environments. Rising levels of cortisol and therefore stress, impact wellness and productivity.

'This is a fantastic opportunity to discover how employees and leaders can create sustainable behavioural change,' said Corinthia Hotel London General Manager, Thomas M Fischer. 'Through this study we will be able to provide insights for the way businesses interact with employees and customers and how they can change to be more effective.'

Corinthia Hotel London will launch various hotel packages designed by Dr Tara Swart with hotel experts to help guests build mental resilience and achieve peak brain performance. These will focus on neuro-nutrition, restorative sleep, hydration, mindfulness, exercise, while utilising the world-class facilities and expertise at Corinthia.

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