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The wow factor
December 2016 1769
Discover missed opportunities and optimise profits with the recently launched Luxury Hotel Expert

A newluxury-inspiring hotel inspection model has been launched, focused at the Middle East and Far East from two UK leisure industry entrepreneurs – Chris and Lorraine Devlin – helping deluxe hoteliers to achieve the highest possible possible guest ratings, loyalty and profits.

Luxury Hotel Expert ( offers an exclusive platform to discover missed opportunities and provides solutions for maximising excellence, satisfaction and profitability, while respecting the property’s existent excellence traits and resources.

'The WOW Factor is a commonly used business jargon, depicting what a company does to go above and beyond customer expectations in delivering a great product or service', says Chris Devlin, one of the architects behind the breakthrough method. 'Once guests experience those dazzling, often unanticipated, instances of success they cherish them forever. Their expectations then adjust accordingly and the unexpected becomes the norm.'

The Luxury Hotel Expert team’s unique proposition is to guide hoteliers through those special opportunities so they can surprise and delight guests each and every time. In their professional past of worldwide quality inspectors, the Luxury Hotel Expert team experts have stayed in some of the world’s finest hotels and resorts. Every special moment of each of those journeys has been carefully documented and analysed to see how they can be incorporated in an even more spectacular way in other properties around the world.

It is that knowledge and years of research that make the selected few partners of Luxury Hotel Expert the luxury leaders on the local market; the ones setting the five-star standard.

Most hotels nowadays host inspectors or executive team members for an overnight stay, who diligently fill in a timeworn standards-checking scorecard created decades ago.

The Luxury Hotel Expert method involves a stay of up to seven nights, which provides the opportunity to observe the behaviour of all hotel team members rather than just a few, thus getting the most realistic canvass of an actual guest experience.

The Luxury Hotel Expert team prepares a specially crafted bespoke survey, tailored to each property’s unique facilities, location, competitive set, business mix, guest archetypes etc. Comprised of a minimum 1,100 points, the survey scrutinises all traditional as well as evolving trends in luxury hospitality, shaping guests’ expectations today. A significant part is attributed to those WOW factors and first impressions of team’s engagement. Upon completion of the in-depth inspection, the property receives a comprehensive business review and a short-term strategy with feasible and accountable actions and

Luxury Hotel Expert works with only one exclusive partner per destination. Interested hotel owners can find out more at

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