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Family Holidays

Stay on track with Hertz
April 2015 1629

With the Easter break coming up and schools approaching term holidays, many GCC families will be planning a much-needed family getaway and experiencing the thrill of discovering a new destination with the entire family. 

Hitting the roads while on holiday should be a hassle- and stress-free experience, however the risk of family flare-ups is great. According to recent research conducted by the Hertz Corporation in the UK, the most common cause of in-car rows is getting lost and bickering over directions. The secret to avoiding arguments in the car is plugging in reliable satellite navigation (satnav), the poll found.

More than four in 10 drivers (44 per cent) named navigation as the most likely cause of a dispute during a family car journey, while nearly half (48 per cent) said a satnav was the most important item to pack. For those hiring vehicles, the Hertz NeverLost satellite navigation system takes the strain out of mapping the best route. The technology is available on rentals across Europe, US and Canada and features an easy-to-use touch-screen, voice control, Bluetooth for hands-free calls and advanced 3D lane guidance to make junctions simpler to negotiate.

Drivers can select their destination from a pre-programmed list or by entering a specific street address, an intersection or a freeway entrance or exit. Hertz NeverLost guides them, turn by turn, to the destination chosen while the unit’s screen display provides clear, easy-to-understand visual directions, and a friendly voice prompts when to make each turn.

Hertz customers can also travel without the worry of searching for an internet connection or paying exorbitant roaming charges by adding a mobile wi-fi hotspot to their rentals. The portable device lets customers easily connect tablets, laptops, smartphones and game consoles to the internet while on the move.

Hertz’s NeverLost and wi-fi hotspot options leave more time for recreation and for enjoying Easter family escapes with zero stress.

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