Royal Caribbean rings in sea of attractions

ROYAL Caribbean International (RCI) launched a new brand campaign that embodies the most inspirational element at the very core of the global cruise line’s offering – the sea. The campaign is aimed at reawakening consumers to the sights and sounds of the sea and conveys the relaxation, romance and adventure that only can be had on the open waters aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise vacation. The campaign kicks off with playful imagery of a conch shell as a phone - dubbed the “Shellphone” – and communicates the campaign’s decree: “The Sea is Calling. Answer it with Royal Caribbean.”

The campaign was officially launched in North America in January 2012 and will unfold over the coming weeks in Middle East, and then deploy globally throughout the year.

Through the new campaign, Royal Caribbean is addressing the emotional aspects and motivations for taking a vacation with the award-winning cruise line. “The Sea is Calling.  Answer it with Royal Caribbean.” engages consumers and invites them to explore their individual best selves on a Royal Caribbean ship. The new campaign speaks to the universal truths discovered through focus groups and quantitative research conducted in 16 countries around the world, where people feel a connection to the sea; where, at sea, one can feel detached from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and the responsibilities of taking care of everyone else; and that the Royal Caribbean brand conveys a sense of quality and best in class. Throughout, “The Sea is Calling. Answer it with Royal Caribbean.” is presented in an easily relatable fashion through the playful and witty tone-of-voice, for which Royal Caribbean has been known, particularly through the “Shellphone.”

“We are tapping into the sea’s powerful, emotional force to reframe the context of cruising for consumers who don’t understand what a Royal Caribbean cruise vacation offers,” said Betsy O’Rourke, senior vice president, Marketing, Royal Caribbean International.“

Royal Caribbean has been committed to answering the call of the sea for the past 40 years, sailing every major sea in the world.  With its history of creativity and innovation - delivering many at-sea industry firsts, such as ice rinks, rock-climbing walls, zip lines and Broadway shows – the cruise line continues to strive to deliver to guests an unforgettable and rejuvenating experience that appeals to vacationers of all ages.