GACA mandates drone licences

The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) of Saudi Arabia has launched its electronic service for drones as part of its larger digital transformation project. GACA’s campaign was launched with the aim of enhancing awareness of the importance of registering and issuing license for the drones by GACA, a prerequisite for operating drones in the kingdom.

This is in line with GACA’s efforts to improve and regulate the work of drones within the framework of the kingdom’s vision 2030. GACA has made registering and issuing license for the drones easy through its new electronic service website (

The electronic service for registering drones is user friendly, where all the intended user has to do is visit the website, fill out the needed information, and follow up the process electronically. The services provided by GACA is easy and flexible in ending all the procedures and link the process to a number of government organisations.

A permit has to be issued for all remotely piloted or pre-programmed planes that follow a specific route to perform specific tasks. Drones are categorised thus: (non- recreational commercial that weigh 25 kg and above, non-recreational commercial small type, lastly amateur and personal use).  GACA’s efforts to facilitate the registration and issuance of license for unmanned aircraft (drones) comes within its desire for a full comprehensive digital transformation. GACA provided a fully integrated platform with several service related to the registration of drones, most notably (registration and renewal, re-issuance of lost license, change of drone ownership, or registration number). This is in addition to operating permit service for drones, most notably (permit, or renewal of commercial, recreational operation permit).