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Ride of a lifetime
March 2010 1312

The Icelandic horse round-up is perhaps the ultimate thrill for those with a passion for horses, providing the opportunity to join an impressive herd of approximately 2,000 free-running and spirited horses as they make their way across rugged territory to their winter pastures.

With fertile land surrounding the farms at a premium, livestock are taken to graze up in the highlands leaving the lower pastures free for crops. Every autumn these animals are rounded up and returned to the lower fields for the winter months.

The round-up is based around the beautiful Vididalur Valley. Suited to the more experienced rider, the round-up is intense yet quite unforgettable as mares, foals and geldings reluctantly leave the freedom of the highlands for the fertile valleys below.

This annual event is also a chance for Icelanders to demonstrate their natural inclination for celebrating, the singing of traditional songs being a much-heralded ritual whilst a hearty fill of traditional Icelandic lamb soup and other delicacies is never far away (vegetarian options are also provided).

Heading back to Reykjavik for the final night offers the opportunity to visit the Blue Lagoon for an unusual bath in the cobalt blue waters of this geothermal pool.

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