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A mix of peace and pace at Al Badayer Oasis
February 2020 974

Ensconced in mighty orange-red sand dunes, Al Badayer Oasis in Sharjah’s Margham district is a hidden gem indeed: an oasis of opulent hospitality tucked away in the serenity of the desert.

The aesthetic minded will no doubt be inspired by the authentic Bedouin architecture, as the structure of the property is just like a functional, luxury oasis would be, complete with a watchtower affording views of miles of undeterred desert.

The interior designs are inspired by the simplicity of the nomadic desert lifestyle, with glass panelled windows witnessing the ever-changing patterns on the sand. Those seeking adventure will also have their days and memories full. The property can arrange from a buffet of outdoor activities, ranging from stargazing, watching movies in the desert to destination dining in the dunes.

Al Badayer Oasis is part of the Sharjah Collection, that brings together the best of Emirati hospitality and luxurious experiences from the house of Mysk, an upscale hotel brand in Sharjah.

Complementing the uber-luxurious setting of the oasis, is the 58-seater Nizwa restaurant that can leave appetites of all sizes and taste satiated with a talented team in the kitchen.

The line-up of thrilling rides at the neighbouring dunes makes for delightfully contrasting getaway experiences. Dune bashing on 4x4 vehicles is probably the most popular activity that draws many on weekends. Quad bikers have a field day riding the dunes. Sand skiing is another popular activity for adventure seekers. Groups of visitors may want to go on a hike at sunset or sunrise to catch the allure of the Big Red, another name for Al Badayer.

Once back at the oasis, guests may relax at the indoor pool that has view of the dunes making it one of a kind adventure in the desert.

The global adventure tourism market was valued at $586.3 billion in 2018, and is projected to reach $1,626.7 billion in 2026, says Adventure Tourism Market Outlook report released last year by Allied Market Research.

Adventure tourism refers travel or exploring with a certain amount of risk faced during the vacation. Adventure tourism involve some of the activities such as climbing, hiking, caving, rafting, and others. Tourism is one of the most exponentially growing sectors, among which adventure tourism is one of its fastest growing segments. According to travel market survey, Europe and America are the two leadings regions in this market. 

The development of the travel and tourism sector fosters the growth for adventure tourism market demand, which will register a CAGR of 13.3 per cent from 2019 to 2026, says the report.  

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