Key collaboration to foster culture and trade ties at Aitex 2024

Aitex 2024 to be held in August

Malaysia Tourism Agency Association (MATA) has announced its collaboration with Indonesia Halal Lifestyle Center for the upcoming International Minang Food & Fashion Festival 2024 that will take place from August 23-26 at the Sunway Resort Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The festival coincides with the Asia Islamic Tourism & Trade Expo (Aitex 2024), amplifying its significance in promoting cross-cultural exchange and economic development.

The brainchild of Indonesia, the festival underscores the nation's commitment to showcasing its rich tourism assets through gastronomy and fashion.

Dato’ Dr Mohammed Khalid Harun, President of MATA and Chairman of Aitex, emphasised the pivotal role of Indonesia and Malaysia in the global halal industry, holding top positions.

He said: "By spotlighting the Minang culture and products, this event facilitates cross-border trade, investment, and collaboration between the two countries, reaffirming their status as economic leaders in the global halal industry."

To be held under the theme, ‘Celebrating Halal Culinary Heritage’, the festival promises an immersive experience for attendees.

Highlights of the event include a Modest Fashion Show, Business Networking sessions, and captivating Cultural Performances. Adding a touch of musical delight, the renowned Minang's "Celine Dion" singer, Vanny Vabiola, is set to enthrall the audience with her mesmerising performance, as announced by Dr Sapta Nirwandar, Chairman of Indonesia Halal Lifestyle Center.

Renowned for its vibrant culinary heritage, Indonesia is leveraging the platform of the Aitex to showcase the rich flavours and cultural significance of Minang cuisine. The Minang International Food Festival promises a sensory journey through the distinctive tastes of Indonesia's westernmost province, highlighting the diversity and complexity of Minangkabau culinary traditions.

"The inclusion of the International Minang Food & Fashion Festival 2024at the Aitex signifies a commendable initiative by Indonesia to promote its gastronomy tourism," remarked Harun.

"Food plays a pivotal role in cultural exchange and tourism promotion, and Indonesia's spotlight on Minang cuisine will undoubtedly enhance the visitor experience and foster greater appreciation for the country's culinary heritage."

Attendees of the Aitex can look forward to indulging in a plethora of tantalising dishes at the Minang International Food Festival, ranging from the iconic Rendang, celebrated as the world's most delicious dish, to aromatic Nasi Padang accompanied by an array of flavourful side dishes.

The festival will also feature culinary demonstrations, cultural performances, and interactive sessions aimed at immersing visitors in the rich tapestry of Minangkabau culture. – TradeArabia News Service