Germany focuses on sustainable tourism

Black Forest National Park Autumn day at Schluchsee lake

The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) has relaunched its ‘Feel Good’ initiative – but this time with a tweak aimed at underscoring Germany’s commitment to sustainable tourism.

Now known as ‘Simply Feel Good’, the revamped campaign hopes to inspire a new era of conscious travel, inviting travellers to explore a wealth of eco-friendly vacation experiences, and aims to focus on creativity, passion, and the environment.

Sustainability is at the heart of Germany’s tourism offerings, and ‘Simply Feel Good’ is designed to empower travellers to make environmentally responsible choices throughout their journeys.

Germany boasts a wide range of authentic holiday regions, each with their own unique character. Whether travellers seek pristine natural landscapes, green cities with modern mobility concepts, or unspoilt village life, Germany has it all. Beyond famous landmarks, Germany offers diverse experiences in various regions. Visitors can immerse themselves in the everyday life of different areas, feel the energy of various landscapes, and enjoy authentic markets.

Yamina Sofo, Director at the German National Tourist Office (GNTO), said: “Germany is a country of diverse landscapes, rich cultures, and sustainable travel opportunities. With ‘Simply Feel Good,’ we invite GCC travellers to embark on journeys that not only rejuvenate the soul, but also contribute to a more sustainable planet.”

Furthermore, GCC travellers can choose from a wide range of sustainable accommodations, from city and countryside hotels to special overnight experiences; a comprehensive list of options is available on the official website. The country also offers excellent local transport networks, making it easy to explore. And with the use of regional TouristCards, visitors can opt for affordable and sustainable travel – as well as zero carbon emission options such as walking, cycling, and canoeing on certain designated routes.

To make travellers’ expeditions more sustainable, Germany allows visitors to calculate their journey’s carbon footprint using the CO2 calculator. By supporting certified carbon offset programmes worldwide, visitors can make their trips carbon neutral, contributing to a more relaxed and environmentally friendly holiday, while supporting a social cause.