What makes Club Med unique

Club Med Val d’Isère, the all-inclusive brand’s first Exclusive Resort in the French Alps

Henri Giscard d’Estaing, Club Med President and CEO, said: “Our ambition is to continue to build the most visible holiday lifestyle brand for families and active couples and is based on these strategic pillars. The first pillar is to upscale, while keeping the Club Med Spirit. Our upscale or very upscale resort capacity now represents 97 per cent of our resorts. The second is what we call a global footprint, which combines a global approach with a local focus in the markets, destination and product. The third is to be the hospitality employer of choice. We need pivotal talent, to grow them, to develop them an retain them and this is offering more than jobs, its offering a lifechanging experience. Fourth is happy digital to bring human power but supported by digital, and fifth very important is “Happy to Care”. We are and we feel responsible of taking care of our environment and of our communities around us.

“On top of these five strategic pillars, we have two strategic collaborators: first is the Exclusive Collection, our most premium of our portfolio and the second is mountains as we aim to become the global leader for mountain resort holidays. These are at the heart of our development strategy for the upcoming years with an ambition and extensive plan of resort innovation and creation of new resorts.

“In fact, Club Med is not only the inventor of all-inclusive vacations, but we are also the leader in mountain experiences. We opened our first ski resort in Switzerland in 1956 and since then we have not stopped developing in this field. Indeed, the summer in mountains offers what we call a new kind of exotism. Why, because it is something unique, for people who look for peace of mind holiday in nature and escape from the increasing overcrowded and heat in big cities. With this, we have decided to open more of our mountain resorts in the summer with more richer activities and provide a new way of enjoying summer holidays,” said Henri Giscard d’Estaing.

“This property opens a new chapter in Val d’Isere which started in 1962. Investing € 50 million together with our real estate partner transformed the resort and to make it one of our first Club Med Exclusive Resort in the mountain. We are very proud and happy to continue to welcome our guests in this worldwide renown luxury mountain destination.

“This was all done sustainably as the environment has been part of Club Meds DNA for the last 70 years,” he concluded.