Mercedes-Benz Travego: driving safe, cozy travel


The new generation of Mercedes-Benz Travego bus, with its outstanding features, is expected to bring about a significant impact on the travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors.

The Travego buses are now available for pre-order from Juffali Commercial Vehicles.

“Wherever it appears, the Travego draws attention. The dynamic headlamps, elegant front panel, and the confident star in the centre combine to make a formidable impression,” says a spokesperson.

Travego boasts stunning looks from the sides with its sleek lines, uncluttered surfaces, a unique curved B-pillar, and stylish slanted rear wheel arches. Its overall appearance is truly impressive.

Heiko Schulze, CEO of Juffali Commercial Vehicles, says: “The Mercedes-Benz Travego is an integral coach produced since 1999 by Daimler/EvoBus in Neu-Ulm and Mannheim in Germany and was originally introduced as the flagship of Mercedes-Benz touring coach range. Travego is a perfect choice. Comfortable seats and amenities will ensure a comfortable trip, CD/DVD/MP3 player, microphone, air conditioning, and more.”



The Travego also impresses passengers with its attractive coach seating. The modern design of the seats is visually appealing and noticeably comfortable.

In addition, the side panel and support arm are made of high-grade aluminum. The elegant new armrest is large and ergonomically shaped.

The mechanism for adjusting the seats and folding back the newly sculpted backrest is more intuitive than ever. In the zero position, a more upright backrest angle makes it easier for passengers to stand up.



From music to films, the Travego offers a wide range of high-quality options to entertain passengers. The impressive sound system is a treat for the ears. Radio and CD options and a DVD player are standard specifications and if you want to make things even easier, you can replace the DVD player with a DVD changer.  Two 19-inch flat screens round off the audio/video equipment, providing a feast for the eyes from any seat.



Each part of the Travego is thoroughly tested before it goes into production and after each production stage, strict checks ensure a perfect finish, says the spokesperson.

The Mercedes-Benz quality philosophy also aims to test and optimise manufacturing processes continually.  Incidentally, deadline compliance for delivery is equally a part of its quality standards, says the spokesperson.



Travego’s Active Brake Assist (ABA) is based on DISTRONIC and uses DISTRONIC’s radar sensor, which makes use of three radar joints to recognise obstacles within a defined area in front of the bus. The distance and relative speed to the preceding vehicle is continuously measured and analysed.

If the Active Brake Assist (also known as the emergency braking aid) recognises the acute danger of a rear-end collision with a slow vehicle ahead, it makes a full brake application after escalating the warning signal.



The Travego sets standards with regard to environment. It boasts outstanding environmental credentials in production and operations including the cathodic dip priming process which is largely solvent-free.

Economic, low-emission engines, along with the long maintenance intervals, also deliver environmental benefits. And if, after a long life, the Travego ends its road, many of its components can be recycled.



The Travego, being the flagship Mercedes-Benz bus, garners a distinguished recognition wherever it travels. It showcases cutting-edge technology, quality, comfort, and stylish design, making a bold statement. Mercedes-Benz’s hallmark of quality is evident from the meticulous attention paid to every detail.