Saudi dominates World Travel Market

Minister of Tourism, Saudi Arabia, Ahmed Al Khateeb and CEO of RX Global Hugh Jones IV

Saudi opened World Travel Market (WTM) London for the second consecutive year as Premier Partner. Hosting its largest pavilion at an international event, Saudi developed interactive on-stand experiences to immerse and inspire visitors across every touchpoint, on a journey of the country through the senses.

Fahd Hamidaddin, CEO and Member of the Board of Saudi Tourism Authority, said: “In Saudi, we dream big, and we deliver bigger and today, we are creating the newest and most exciting destination on Earth, for tomorrow. This year’s WTM is our biggest presence at an international event to date, bringing the best of our dynamic tourism offering to showcase the hospitality, diversity, beauty, and energy of the authentic home of Arabia.”

“The UK is one of our most important source markets, with more than 150,000 visits this year. We are inspiring, empowering and enabling future partners to add Saudi to their portfolios, and our partners continue to realize our value and untapped potential.”

Since last year’s WTM, Saudi has emerged as the fastest growing tourism destination in the G20 and is one of the world’s fastest-growing tourism markets. Saudi’s exponential sector growth has seen an extraordinary +121% increase from pre-pandemic international tourism levels as recognized by the UNWTO, outpacing global tourism sector recovery.

Saudi’s $800bn investment commitment across the tourism sector is driving outcomes and progress. Saudi Arabia is the world’s biggest investor in tourism, innovating to create new products and destinations, and building demand with the expansion of its global trade network.

“We’ve invested in the fundamentals for a new future of tourism and our success story through the numbers tells itself. We are innovating to create new products and destinations and with our partners, we are building demand and expanding our global trade network,” continued Hamidaddin.

As part of ongoing efforts to engage, enable and inspire international trade partners, Saudi launches the Saudi Expert e-learning platform at WTM, a tool designed to power the partner learning journey through training materials, a learning dashboard and smooth technology integration to ensure a seamless trade experience. Saudi is reimagining tourism to welcome 100m visitors by 2030.