UAE millennials are vacation deprived: Expedia

Despite advocating for a healthy work-life balance, 50 per cent of Millennials living in the UAE are holiday deprived and struggle with taking, planning, and enjoying a holiday, says Expedia’s 24th Vacation Deprivation report

UAE Millennial residents have a higher percentage of vacation deprivation than Gen Zers, 50 per cent compared to 35 per cent to the latter group, according to Expedia’s 24th Vacation Deprivation report, which takes a deep dive into the UAE market.

It also shows that over half of Millennials surveyed are full-time employees. However, Gen Zers globally are more vacation deprived than any other generation.

“Despite receiving more than six weeks of annual leave from their employers and using all of it UAE residents still feel vacation deprived,” says Melanie Fish, head of Expedia Group brands public relations. “Millennial workers have difficulties planning a vacation – 57 per cent feel overwhelmed by the process and find booking travel stressful because they never know if they’re getting a good deal. There’s so much choice that contemplating travel options can become a major mental burden.” 

While UAE Millennials overall take time off less frequently, more than half of Gen X workers (33 per cent) go six months or more between holidays. Only 5 per cent of Millennials allow themselves a break from work every month. For today’s youngest workforce, Gen Z, the biggest thing holding them back is saving for a big trip this year. While being money-conscious is not exclusive to any particular generation, it’s most prevalent in Gen X with (34 per cent) saying they much prefer saving their money for a more fulfilling trip, versus just 29 per cent of Millennials and 27 per cent of Gen Zers.