Sur in Oman is the Arab Tourism Capital for 2024

Sur, located in the northeast of Oman, offers some stunning beaches

The Arab Tourism Organization announced the selection of Sur in the Sultanate of Oman as the Arab Tourism Capital for 2024, reflecting the cultural, historical, and geographical significance of this ancient province.

Sur is located on the northern side of Oman’s Eastern Coast, specifically in the South Sharqiya Governorate, about 337 km from the capital, Muscat.

Sur boasts a diverse nature that includes stunning beaches and ports that have made it an important maritime centre since ancient times, as well as towering mountains, and valleys that offer exceptional tourist experiences.

Sur is considered the cradle of many ancient civilisations and was once a centre for maritime trade and shipbuilding. It still houses one of the oldest traditional shipyards, where building a single ship takes two full years.

Visitors can see models of traditional Omani ships. The city is rich in archaeological sites dating back to between the third millennium BC and the first millennium BC, reflecting the rich heritage of Oman. Sur also includes prominent historical landmarks such as Al-Rasfa Castle, Al-Ayjah Fort, and Ras Al-Hadd Fort.

Sur has got many tourist attractions to suit different visitors, including the Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve, which was declared a turtle sanctuary in 1996, protecting the turtles that come to the shore to nest and lay their eggs.

The reserve attracts many tourists interested in seeing the turtles and their nesting sites. The area is also characterized by moderate temperatures during the summer season.

Sur provides various accommodation options, ranging from hotels and tourist resorts to guesthouses, offering an exceptional experience for visitors.

Sur was chosen as the Arab Tourism Capital for 2024 due to its tourist potential, which has placed it on the Arab tourism map thanks to its rich historical and cultural heritage. This selection will contribute to establishing more tourism projects and improvements that will attract visitors’ attention to this historic province.