Seven-storey Mural Farmhouse opens at WunderLocke

Mural Farmhouse in WunderLocke, Munich. (Credit: Edmund Dabney)

Munich’s stylish aparthotel WunderLocke, in Sendling, has unveiled a unique food and drink concept in the form of ‘Mural Farmhouse’: five food and drink destinations spread across seven floors following one strict culinary concept: from farm directly to table.

Conceived by the founders of revered local Michelin-starred restaurant - Mural, Moritz Meyn and Wolfgang Hingerl bring Munich’s new must-visit restaurant and bar destination to WunderLocke.

The ambitious food and drink concept includes ‘Mural Farmhouse à la carte-Restaurant’, a 70-cover all-day restaurant, ‘Mural Farmhouse Fine Dining’, a fine dining experience with a tasting menu, ‘Mural Farmhouse Café’, a coffee shop with fresh pastries and more, an Italian disco inspired wine and cocktail bar ‘Mural Farmhouse Bar’ and ‘Mural Farmhouse Rooftop’, a rooftop boasting a farm and outdoor bar with panoramic views of the Bavarian Alps.

Placing circularity at the heart of its approach, Mural Farmhouse is founded on the principles of the farm-to-table movement and Mural’s “Eat Local. Drink Natural” ethos. Seasonal herbs and certain vegetables used in Mural Farmhouse’s five outlets will come from WunderLocke’s own rooftop garden and additional (raised) beds, while fish, meat and all other vegetables and fruit will be sourced exclusively from local and regional producers and suppliers in the city of and around Munich who are committed to natural cultivation and animal welfare.

The menus at each of Mural Farmhouse’s five destinations have been imaginatively designed in connection with each other to maximise the use of seasonal ingredients.