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Soak up the colours of autumn in azerbaijan
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Whether admiring the vibrant colors along the scenic country lanes or enjoying breezy and live evenings in the capital, autumn is a wonderful time to visit Azerbaijan. Summers in the country last right-up till the end of September, following colorful and chilly autumn.

With local residents returning to the city from the coast, life begins to bustle again in Baku. Mid-September is a perfect time to enjoy long walks along the Caspian Sea admiring the perfect scenery on the Seaside Boulevard or end up in the world-class museums or galleries of the capital. 

You might as well choose to get away from the busy city life and take either a road trip across different routes in Azerbaijan or join a hiking group, promising for a day of fun and fulfilment brought by conquering the magnificent Caucasus mountains. Either way, you will find yourself in a fairy-tale environment coloured with autumn shades of amber, gold or scarlet around lakes and waterfalls as well as the scenic mountain roads and pristine woodlands. While out in the wild, you might explore quaint villages like Khinalig and Lahij in the northern part of Azerbaijan, get to know locals and learn about their traditions.

Ideal for picnics, boating, and treks up the surrounding mountains, you have the chance to treat yourself to scenic breaks at crystal-clear lakes surrounded by dramatic mountains and lush forests. Picturesque and peaceful, Nohur Lake boasts some of the best views of the magnificent Caucasus Mountains. The peaceful atmosphere is the ideal resting place to escape the noise of the city. As one of the most popular and visited natural attractions of Gabala, the lake is hugged by forests and high mountains where visitors can enjoy boat rides, hikes, fishing and serene horse-riding by the water. Head to Goygol lake and catch a breath of fresh air while hiking next to this beautiful lake nestled in the Lower Caucasus Mountains. The deep blue lake stretches for almost 3 kilometers and is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Hidden away deep in the forest is Garanohur Lake, located at high altitude in the region of Ismayilli. The trek to the lake is exhilarating for hikers with experience and challenging for beginners, but well worth the effort. Once there, a relaxing lunch next to the water is the perfect way to unwind and will allow you to see the lake in all its splendor.

For birdwatching aficionados, autumn is the peak period to watch thousands of migrating birds, as well as permanent local species. Beshbarmag is the unique bottleneck where birdwatchers can enjoy the massive bird migration in autumn months. Located only about 90km north of Baku, Beshbarmag offers unique travel experience – tourists can go for a day trip from Baku, an overnight trip or as a day visit/stopover between Baku and the Greater Caucasus region. Some birdwatchers even stay here for one week in October/November, enjoying spending their time watching migration.

Autumn is also the perfect season for grape harvesting. When you combine this with Azerbaijan’s little-known winemaking traditions dating back centuries, you have a perfect chance of visiting some of the best wineries of the country. Meysari in Shamakhi, Chabiant in Ismayilli or Savalan in Gabala will certainly surprise you with their perfect climate and vineyards located at the hilltops of the Caucasus, producing high-level wines made from both European and endemic grape varieties.

Do not forget to enjoy some of Azerbaijan’s most exotic and popular fruits, which are harvested in autumn months – persimmons, quince, pomegranates, pears, plums and other juicy produce. Some key fruits are even celebrated at large festivals – the Persimmon Festival in Balaken or the Pomegranate Festival in Goychay, with national music and dances, contests, performances, and, of course, best fruits. - Advertorial.

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