The best places for travellers to visit in Spain this winter

Granada Fortress

Known for its sunny days and dazzling beaches, most travellers will not think of Spain as a holiday destination during winter.
While it is not the typical winter destination, the country makes for an ideal getaway for those looking for a warmer European adventure, a more extensive cultural experience, and exciting food encounters.
Winters in Spain are as enjoyable as its summers, where the big cities compete against each other to see which has more to offer.
In Seville; one can visit grand palaces and trek through ancient streets, all while enjoying average chill temperatures of around 18C. With this comfortable weather, travellers have a great opportunity to discover Seville’s heritage and culture, through its numerous theatres, museums and historical sites. 
Some of the best experiences would be the Cathedral, Giralda & Alcazar Guided Tour, where visitors will get the chance to explore Seville’s grand history through the city’s architectural monuments. Another one would be the Guadalquivir cruise, where visitors can enjoy a cruise down the Guadalquivir River and view the city’s most famous sights.
Moving on to a slightly colder area in the south of Spain, Costa del Sol is another incredible winter destination. Having a mild and pleasant climate all year long, winter visitors can make the most of the sun by visiting beautiful beaches, discover stunning architecture and enjoy outdoor activities. 
This region boasts an abundance of climbing and hiking routes, sightseeing experiences, and natural parks, perfect for friends or family seeking a fun-packed adventure.
Definitely one of Spain’s top destinations all year round, Madrid must be on every traveller’s bucket list in winter. With average high temperatures of 10C, visitors will get to explore all this has to offer without breaking a sweat. Spain’s capital city is home to the Prado Museum, the beautiful Retiro Park and much more. 
Additionally, there are intriguing parades during the season, including the Three Kings Parade and others, as well as vintage stores and flea markets that are ideal for the chilly weather.
Located near the snowy mountain tops of Sierra Nevada; one of the country’s prime ski destinations, Granada is the gem of Andalusia, boasting spectacular Islamic architecture and offering exciting winter activities. There is plenty to see and do in this beautiful city; however, one must not miss the sight of Alhambra; an ancient palace, fortress and citadel, offering a view of historic Andalusia. 
Travellers can also enjoy the traditional Hammam experience, where they can dip in hot and cold pools, and relax in comfortable steam rooms away from the cold.
For a more festive holiday, Barcelona is home to the Fira de Santa Lucia; a traditional Christmas fair that features over 300 stalls. Visitors will get to enjoy delicious food, browse nice products, and visit crowded squares and malls. The city also boasts sights such as La Rambla, Camp Nou, Sagrada Familia and more.
Winter in Spain is impressive by all accounts and offers a fun-packed experience for all types of travellers. Whether its outdoor activities, family destinations, historical sights, cultural experiences or delicious food, a winter holiday in Spain will never disappoint.-TradeArabia News Service