Azerbaijan: your next family travel destination


When travelling with children, we are always concerned whether the chosen destination meets our list of requirements. Not only should it be safe, but also entertaining for the children and adults. The variety of diverse activities is also essential for keeping children in a “wowed” state of mind, and parents at peace. The good news is that Azerbaijan can satisfy all these needs by offering many benefits and fun activities for your precious family holidays. With 8 out of 11 climate zones the best time to travel to Azerbaijan is anytime!

The capital Baku is a modern cosmopolitan city that offers an endless list of entertaining, gastronomic and cultural experiences for travellers of all ages. First thing you can do is to stroll along the Boulevard located in the heart of the city. Baku Boulevard is one of the favourite spots of locals where they go for a walk, for a morning jog or simply to rest observing the beauty around. It can be exciting to explore seaside Boulevard by bike or electric scooter, which you can easily rent on spot.

Here not only can you enjoy a scenic view to the Caspian Sea but also engage in some joyful activities with your children. The seaside amusement park has a variety of attractions, starting from carousels to roller coasters. As you walk further, you will stumble upon Little Venice, where you can have a romantic boat ride across the canals.

The next stop would be Deniz Mall, which is the biggest one in the region. This entertainment, leisure and dining venue has a flame shaped tower in the centre of the eight-shaped wings. At the mall, you can stop by at one of the coffee shops or restaurants, or take your time shopping for all the necessities while your children enjoy Kinderland entertainment and educational centres. After a long and active day, we advise having a peaceful time riding on Baku Eye for the view that will leave everyone speechless. Just imagine Baku at night with all the lights on, luminous Flame Towers and diverse landscapes of the city crossed with each other creating a harmonic urban composition.

Baku has a newly rebuilt modern Zoo right in the centre of the city with up to 125 animal species, 22 among which are listed in the Red Book. Here children can get acquainted with a variety of animals, among which you can meet species such as Caucasian noble deer which can be solely found in a number of regions. For nature lovers, Baku has another special place called Zire Ecopark. At this park guests can relish exquisite and exotic plants such as King Kong coleus, Leyland cypress, bee blossom, lavender, velvet centaurea, and autumn rose. Additionally, there is also a big number of creative studios and sport halls that can be perfect for a run away from the city’s hustle.

Among many enchanting regions of Azerbaijan with lush nature and delicious local cuisine, one that can stand out as a great family destination is Shamakhi. The region has a number of interesting locations, including Shamakhi Safari Park and Shamakhi Alpaca farm. Shamakhi Safari Park is perfect for immersion into the wild life as you can explore captivating mountain landscapes and diverse fauna. The park is home to more than 1,000 animals brought here from all over the world. For the more adventurous visitors, there is an opportunity to observe animals from close distance and even feed them. Next stop is Shamakhi Alpaca Farm. Spending just a couple of hours with these friendly animals will make you feel as if you had a therapeutic session, filled with love and energy. We are sure that adding Shamakhi to your itinerary in Azerbaijan would be a win-win situation for all the members of your family.

These are just a few examples of family-friendly experiences in Azerbaijan. We are confident that no matter which city of Azerbaijan you choose to visit, you will find varied entertainment for all members of the family.