SHA Emirates aims to open in 2024


Abu Dhabi-based place-maker Imkan has partnered with SHA Wellness Clinic to bring SHA Emirates at AlJurf in 2024.

SHA Wellness Clinic, with its flagship in Alicante, Spain, is a worldwide pioneering wellness clinic that is dedicated to significantly improving and prolonging the health and well-being of people. It uses an integrative and comprehensive approach that merges the most proven and effective natural therapies with the lasts scientific medicine techniques, giving special prominence to a healing but attractive nutrition. 

A spokesperson from SHA Wellness Clinic told TTN, “After nearly 15 years transforming the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world, our commitment is the same it has always been: to share our method, this time bringing SHA to the Middle East, making it possible for more and more people to benefit from a state of full health and well-being.

“SHA Emirates, located inside the beautiful Aljurf in Sahel al Emarat, will be the first healthy living island in The Middle East, based on a global integrative health and wellness approach.

“About 80 per cent of our offer will remain the same as the one we have in Spain and which we have been perfecting throughout the decade. The remaining 20 per cent will be adapted to the Arab market leveraging its culture, heritage, local expertise and creating signature areas.

“The offer will be the same in terms of the SHA Method and type of health programmes.

“Our aim is to offer the most outstanding therapies in nutrition, preventive medicine, anti-ageing, genetics, holistic medicine, regenerative medicine, and revitalising medicine, as we have always done, but tailored to the market and its needs.”

SHA Emirates will be the third SHA Wellness Clinic in the world, with the company’s flagship facility located in Spain and its second one opening in Cancun, Mexico next year.

SHA Emirates will span a total of 125,000 square metres along the coast and has been designed to work in synergy with its surrounding environment. Designed to be constructed using a biophilic approach, SHA Emirates will connect with nature, featuring clean, white elegant curves and soft-layered edges. With cascading hanging gardens and panoramic sweeping views of the coastline, SHA Emirates will have 120 rooms and suites.