JA Lake View hits bull’s eye

At the lounge of the JA Shooting Club, you meet a veteran rifleman, a teenage girl and her mother and a newly married couple, all counting minutes in preparation of their shooting experience. Immediately you lose the perception that shooting is not for everyone, clearly it is. Alongside dozens of other family friendly activities, JA Resort lives up to its fame of Dubai’s largest experience resort. The shooting range is a unique destination that ha s an assortment of pistol and rifle shooting activities both indoor and outdoor, available at day and under floodlights at night.

Not just the shooting club, it is not an over exaggeration to say that JA The Resort hits the bull’s eye with its one million square metres of experiences, including 25 restaurants and 40 activities.

Within a hop away from the shooting range was our stay at JA Lake View Hotel, the newest addition to the resort complex which also comprises JA Beach Hotel and JA Palm Tree Court. The property stands out with its stunning glass façade, extensions overlooking the nine-hole championship golf course and the eponymous lake.

The reception foyer of JA Lake View makes for a grand entrance with swathes of natural lighting, metal sculptures, modern Arabesque patterns seamlessly blend into the wall, floor and overhanding design elements. The enduring first impression is built around an aura of elegance and modernity. This hotel focuses on sustainability in every step of the design, and with that comes a charming, relaxed vibe that puts guests at ease.

As GHA Discovery Titanium members, we had a heap of benefits to choose from, including room upgrades, late check-out (and early-check-in), and welcome amenities.

Of the 348 guestrooms at the hotel, we went with the Resort Course one bedroom suite, and it impressed immediately. A 132-sqm spacious contemporary accommodation with a wide balcony overlooking the golf course, swimming pools (the hotel has three, one for adults), and separate dining space and en-suite bathroom with a bathtub for two. Fitted with a king bed with plenty of room for a roll in bed, the one-bedroom suite can easily host two adults and three children under 12 years.

Our rooms were stocked with refillable glass water bottles and vanity set had toothbrushes made from bamboo (versus plastic). The pastel shades of the upholstery complement the modern décor and the sprawling green outside, providing a soothing ambiance despite the rising mercury.

Foodies are spoilt for choice with the options at the Lake View hotel and the resort. Our alfresco family dinner experience at Kinara by Vikas Khanna, against the setting sun, set a high bar. The flavourful items on the menu are as good as it gets for enjoying authentic Indian spices within the folds of fusion, conjured by the talented team of Michelin-star chef Vikas Khanna.

Captain’s Restaurant and Bar at JA Beach Hotel also offers a great night out. The commute from our hotel to the beach was a matter of minutes and the trips are managed efficiently using golf buggies with their own paths crisscrossing the resort complex. Captain’s specialises in Mediterranean grills and wood-fired pizza, but what remains in memory is the live music by a talented duo belting out Reggae chartbusters. We also loved the dessert tray that had tasting portions of a large variety of mood-uplifting sugary (mild) treats including ice-creams on stick.

The other pleasant dine out was at Sports Café at Club Jumana, a sport and entertainment center overlooking the marina, and serving European pub food. We loved that there were many children in among the guests making it a truly family friendly pub eatery.

An activity we truly cherished was the walk around the resort as our six-year-old trotted on a horse, led by a guide from the resort’s Equestrian centre. Later, we discovered rare birds of the wild at the in-house aviary, it made for a short but sweet nature retreat within the luxury of a five-star resort. If you ask our little one, she had the best time at the Pirates & Mermaids Kids Club – which was packed with playmates of her age, several minders, and a daily chart of activities to keep them entertained. The make-belief pirate ship in the middle of the kids’ club is the number one reason for squeals of excitement.

While the children are taken care of at the Pirates & Mermaids Kids Club, parents get pampered at the Calm Spa and Salon that offers more than 40 treatments and services.

The deep tissue massage can provide some rejuvenation, and the expert therapists do not disappoint. After the therapy session, lie back at the relaxing room, (separate areas for male and female guests) with wide window overlooking the sea. Guests can count on a spring in the steps after a treatment at the Calm Spa.


By Team TTN