Summer in Azerbaijan – Exciting Tips for an Unforgettable Time


As a destination to visit all year round, Azerbaijan offers one of the best trip plans for summer, just like in all other seasons.

From sandy beaches to mountain peaks, the country is full of great outdoor experiences, together with relaxed evenings in city centres. Located just about half an hour’s drive from the centre of the capital Baku, the public and private beaches along the Caspian Sea as well as resorts such as Sea Breeze, Dalga, Bilgah and Amburan are true paradises to chill out at during summer months. With aquatic activities for both adults and kids, you can follow a great day at the beach with a relaxing stay at one of the nearby hotels with world-class spas.

There are some interesting festivals organised along the Caspian Sea coastline. One of them is the “Sea Breeze Summer Fest-2022”, which will be held between 25 and 29 July.

This four-day event will feature about 150 singers, both local and international, with additional entertainment programmes to accompany the breezy evenings.

Summer is also the best time for a break in the capital city of Azerbaijan. Bustling with interesting museums, exhibitions as well as shopping malls, Baku is also famous for its cosy evenings which you can enjoy with your family. UNESCO-protected Old City, called ‘Inner City’ by the locals, with the magnificent Flame Towers on the horizon will stay with you for a long time, while delicious dishes are served at restaurants with a traditional ambiance and music will soothe your soul.

Leaving the magical summer atmosphere of the capital city, those in search of a mountain climate can easily find it in Azerbaijan within just a few hours’ drive. Heading to the southern part of the country, travellers will find themselves in a subtropical paradise. Here are some of the natural gems of the country: Lankaran with its tea and citrus plantations and Astara with its authentic villages like Sim, to name a few. Boasting a unique cuisine as one of its special features, Lankaran is also distinguished by the fact that it is surrounded by the Talysh Mountains on one side and the Caspian Sea with black-sand beaches on the other.

In the Greater Caucasus Mountains of northern Azerbaijan, there are also two fantastic mountain resorts, Shahdag and Tufandag, offering fabulous hotels with luxury spas for full relaxation. Both resorts are within a few hours’ drive of Baku and have a host of outdoor activities available in summer. At Shahdag Mountain Resort, you can enjoy zip-lining, segwaying, jeep tours, alpine coaster, off-road tours and an adventure park designed for all ages, while Tufandag Mountain Resort offers trekking, ATV tours and its newest attraction: a mountain swing with perfect views.

In addition to these mountain resorts, the north-western and northern parts of the country are also home to hiking routes. Surrounded by thick forests, rushing rivers and quaint villages with welcoming locals, they will provide life-long memories for outdoor enthusiasts. One of the unique mountain villages is Khinalig in Guba, where people still live a semi-nomadic lifestyle. Staying at guesthouses on the way to your final destination is a must-do activity to fully explore the local hospitality.

To sum up, Azerbaijan is ready to charm all lovers of summer with the festive atmosphere on its beaches, breezy evenings in the city and relaxing activities in the mountains.