An oasis of peace in Abu Dhabi

Danat Jebel Dhanna Resort

Danat Jebel Dhanna Resort sits away from the crowd of resorts found in the UAE’s capital and Dubai. Drive south two hours from Abu Dhabi city to access one the quietest beaches in the UAE. Danat Jebel Dhanna Resort is a five-star resort located in Ruwais on the west coast of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, situated on the 800 metres pristine beach of the Arabian Gulf in a tranquil setting. Complementing the vast open spaces within the resort are a suite of private beachfront chalets and private villas.

Our stay started off with a pleasant surprise – we have come to expect welcome drinks at the reception and a welcome kit in our rooms, but what took us off guard was a framed picture of our family. The hotel had discreetly arranged for this to be placed on the bedside table – this gesture made an instant impression, and you could only feel the warm embrace Danat Jebel Dhanna hereon.

The housekeeping staff had left a treasure trove of chocolates, fruit and snacks apart from the essentials of beach slippers, sunscreen and an array of inflatables for better enjoying the beach. There was another gift, a bowl of fish – we were delighted to have a finned companion and couldn’t have asked for a better preparation to a feel-at-home retreat.


We have come to expect welcome drinks at the reception and a welcome kit in our rooms, but what took us off guard was a framed picture of our family on the bedside table


The best part of the beachfront chalets is that should weather permit, you may fashion your own destination dining on the beach. Under the watch of the resort’s resident Chef Michael, every meal is guaranteed to be a celebration, be it indoors or a pop up alfresco set up outside the chalet.

Our six-year old made the pristine beach her sandbox, and if you encounter an array of sand castles – you’d know this place is child-friendly by design. Given the generous bursts of wind, kite flying on the beach was another family activity that is flies naturally in the sprawling seaside of Danat Jebel Dhanna.

For adrenaline triggers, there are several activities on the sea, including jet skiing, kayaking and diving activities. Sir Baniyas Island tour can also be arranged for a day out at the protected wildlife reserve, and a visit to one of the most curious archaeological spots in the country featuring a seventh century church on the island. The backwater terrain and rustic neighbourhood of the resort can also be a drive around experience for those seeking to unearth something different.

The resort’s temperature-controlled swimming pools for kids and adults are spots for soothing the nerves with a tasty beverage in hand. At the recreation club, there are a flurry of activities that can keep the banter going among the touring group. The facilities for beach volleyball, tennis and squash are well maintained, and ready for competitive action. Danat Jebel Dhanna’s elaborate fitness centre, steam and sauna facilities are possibly the biggest in this part of the country. A rejuvenating session at the Body and Soul Spa was one of the top experiences of our holiday, the expertise of the therapist was second to none.

Danat Jebel Dhanna’s food and beverage offerings become a highlight of the stay. An all-inclusive full board offering ensures that your cravings for delicious treats are in the safe hands of Chef Michael and his team of intuitive staff. Breakfast and lunch buffets are massive, with themed offerings – Indian, Mexican, Arabian and so on. Every line-up has a balance of international flavours, something for everyone. Special requests are encouraged as it gives the chef a chance to concoct something truly delicious.

After sundown, the resident band keeps the music going at the L’Attitude. The bar has its own menu of freshly made tasty quick bites paired with creative beverages. At Zaitoun, the signature dining restaurant, special occasions come to life over authentic Italian dishes. This is where the culinary craftsmanship comes to the fore in all its glory. Memories of both dish presentation and its aftertaste stay long after.

A long stay at Danat Jebel Dhanna is prescribed for possibly one of the most relaxing experiences  in all of the UAE.