Guests seek a homely experience, says survey

Voco Dubai vouches for a homely stay

UAE travellers seek a homely experience when staying in a hotel, with 36 per cent saying they like to feel like they’re visiting a friend’s home, a new global travel survey has found. Nearly a fifth (19 per cent) said they are bothered when there aren’t personal touches in their hotel.

Cleanliness and comfort were among the highest priorities for guests, with an uncomfortable bed rated the most disliked factor about a hotel stay (33 per cent), while nice food and clean rooms or communal areas among the experiences most likely to make guests book again, at 49  per cent and 43 per cent respectively.

On the dining front, 37 per cent of those surveyed said they prefer it when there are a mix of cuisines on offer, while 36 per cent would like more buffet or help yourself options. And with an emphasis on feeling at home crucial to UAE hotel guests, 36 per cent prefer when food is served for longer hours e.g. not just a two hour window for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And with clean eating a key trend, 13 per cent said they dislike it when there aren’t enough vegan or vegetarian options on hotel menus.

However, the survey commissioned by voco hotels to launch their new Turn Up Service, found guests’ experience with staff to be amongst the most crucial parts of any hotel stay. In fact, 46 per cent of people said that friendly service would be the experience third most likely to make them rebook a hotel brand, with 55 per cent saying they prefer staff who are friendly, approachable (46 per cent), caring (40 per cent) and kind (39 per cent). 

voco hotels is launching Turn Up Service. This new service is a playful twist on the typical ‘turn down’ service designed to ‘turn up’ voco’s hosted service style at its hotels around the world. Building upon the brand’s philosophy of distinctive, hosted service, Turn Up Service will offer a series of new, localised initiatives and offerings to give travellers more of what they really want from a hotel experience.