Increase in long-term bookings

Haytham Omar, General Manager, Al Jaddaf Rotana Suite Hotel Dubai

Al Jaddaf Rotana Suite Hotel Dubai opened its doors late November in the fast-evolving neighbourhood of Al Jaddaf in Dubai. TTN spoke to General Manager, Haytham Omar, for insights on performance in the current context and healthy competition.

“At this point in time, occupancy levels are high with a large volume of bookings for the first few months of 2021,” he tells us. “Many of these are long-term bookings, which represent a growing trend in this market and a big opportunity on which we can capitalise. The current climate makes it difficult to predict future occupancy rates as we have seen in 2020 that things can change very quickly. However, if we can continue along the current trajectory, we believe occupancy levels will remain high and we predict a successful 2021 and subsequent years to come,” he concludes. 

With the proximity to Dubai Healthcare City, the healthcare free zone in Dubai, the property expects medical travel. “Tourists travelling for medical purposes represent an important target audience for us, in addition to business and leisure travellers. Research undertaken by the Dubai Health Authority has shown consistent growth in the medical tourism industry in the UAE, a figure expected to rise steadily in 2021 in line with their target of 500,000 patients.  While the global pandemic has changed how many of us travel for business and leisure, I believe there will always be a demand for travel for medical purposes - especially in the UAE where the standard of medical facilities is high.

“Given our location, we are well equipped to cater to this growing market by offering exceptional value, comfortable rooms and unrivalled hospitality. Our long-stay offers and one-, two- and three-bedroom suites make Al Jaddaf Rotana Suite Hotel an attractive place to stay for guests who may be undergoing long medical treatments. The suites are self-catering, however our diverse selection of food and beverage options in the hotel paired with room service guarantee guests a hassle-free and seamless experience at a time when they may need additional care and support.”

The Al Jaddaf neighbourhood is becoming popular with Marriott’s Elements brand also opening next door to Al Jaddaf Rotana Suite Hotel Dubai. We asked Omar if this means competition for them and if this good for the market now. “The Al Jaddaf district is an exciting new development for the city, expected to undergo great transformation over the next year and years to come. As with any new development, this can bring great opportunities, but also challenges in terms of developing a unique proposition amongst competitors.

“What sets Al Jaddaf Rotana Suite Hotel apart from its competition is the underlying Rotana brand promise of delivering ‘Treasured Time’ to all guests - a culmination of unmatched hospitality, exceptional dining options and rooms and suites designed to the highest standard.  The property also has the advantage of being part of an established hotel group, drawing on the expertise and resources of an international brand across 22 countries and 41 cities. 

“A certain level of competition in any market is healthy. In this context, it serves to drive us further in accomplishing our goal of being the destination of choice in Al Jaddaf and Dubai,” says the General Manager.