Winter fun in Azerbaijan

The lush mountains of Azerbaijan will soon be transformed into a white winter paradise, offering a magical experience for both those seeking adventure and those looking for rest and relaxation. With daily direct flights on Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) and FlyDubai from Dubai, one can reach the capital of Baku in under three hours to enjoy the crisp mountain air and beautiful snowy landscape.

Nestled on the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Azerbaijan is perfect for those seeking to reconnect with nature. The awe-inspiring Caucasian Mountains offer a change of scenery with the most satisfying pistes for ski enthusiasts being just three hours away from the city centre.

The Shahdag Mountain Resort is perched atop the pristine mountains of the Gusar region. With its hotels, spas, restaurants and an endless list of thrilling sports and leisure activities, Shahdag will turn all winter wonderland dreams into reality.

Shahdag Mountain Resort is 210km from Baku by bus from the Baku International Bus Station or three hours by car. The temperature can fall to -20 to -22°C in winter. Snowfall ranges from 15 to 35 cm per week.

Both beginner and experienced skiers can brave the slopes and enjoy over 17 kilometres of pistes. Non-skiers will also find a variety of activities including off-road tours, paragliding, cycling, trottinetting and cable car rides overlooking the magnificent mountains. Adventure seekers can also venture into the charming nearby village of Laza. Perfect for trekking, the scenic area is surrounded by an array of waterfalls that freeze in winter.

The Tufandag Mountain Resort sits on the shoulders of the Greater Caucasus Mountains in Gabala, and also offers winter sports.