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Automation 'increases efficiency, cuts costs'
June 2019 1522

So, you find yourself torn between increasing sales volumes and getting financing for the business to be able to afford to innovate and keep up with all the changes. In this struggle, an important aspect is sometimes overlooked. What’s the status of your operational workflow? Is it optimised enough?


What’s hurting your business and where can technology make an impact?

Twenty minutes for manually processing a ticket might not seem much at first sight. Let’s say you are issuing 10,000 tickets per month. Twenty minutes translates into more than 3,000 hours of work done by 20 agents. What if you can optimise this time by at least 80%?

And this example covers only a fraction of what happens in a travel agency on a daily basis. We all know that it goes beyond creating offers, issuing invoices and generating reports. If we look more closely, we see a lot of processes happening in the basis.

The solution: an enterprise grade business critical solution.

The valuable insights gathered while working closely with travel professionals and after analysing hundreds of business models allowed us to continuously develop dcs plus travel ERP solution, TINA. Since its launch in 2002, TINA gained the trust of an impressive portfolio of top industry players from over 25 markets.



The high cost caused mainly by the operational delays and inefficiencies as a direct result of the manual, repetitive, time consuming tasks and human errors can be significantly reduced through automation of processes. 

Once you have identified the main business rules that are being used (service fee, remarks, client profiles etc), you configure them in TINA at a general level or per corporate customer. This step is followed by the configuration of the quality control and auto-rules that will trigger the automation process for the entire lifecycle of a transaction.

As a consequence, the majority of the repetitive processes are working seamlessly in the background, allowing you to focus more on growing your business.  



You have access to tons of data: breakdowns on the customers’ air, hotel and transfer costs, who’s sitting in first class and who has basic economy seats, who books in advance, volumes per supplier, profitability per service or customer and the list can
go on.

With TINA, you get a clear view of your business at a glance – quickly gain insights into the most important aspects of your data and easily identify items that require focus or a certain action.

By implementing a travel ERP software, you can streamline the operational workflow, working your way toward a new business reality defined by error-free efficiency and sophisticated automatic processes. And you will improve your bottom line along this journey.

• Process Automation

• Management of Customers

• Management of Suppliers

• Management of requests and sales

• Management of fiscal documents

• Management of travel documents

• Reporting

• Third party software connection via webservices

• Exporting & importing to and from accounting software

* The writer is regional general manager, Middle East & Africa at dcs plus

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