Korea hosts large conferences

South Korea will be hosting large-scale international conferences across the country this final quarter. The Korea Mice Bureau will be supporting 45 international conferences to be held in Korea until the end of this year, acquiring a total of 46,000 participants (including 18,000 overseas delegates).

Some of the largest business events include the 22nd World Conference of Family Doctors (WONCA), Congress of the Society International Urology (SIU), 82nd International Electrotechnical Commission General Meeting, and the 6th OECD World Forum.

"These conferences not only highlight Korea's capacity to host large-scale conferences but it also magnify our excellence and pursuit for knowledge, particularly in the science field", In Sook Lee, Korea Tourism Organization – Convention team director, said. She added that it is also a good opportunity to promote Korea as tourist destination to overseas delegates and encourage them to visit the country again for leisure purposes.